Wyred 4 Sound Product Launches — Spruce 2 Room, Lobby Level

statement nextGEN Amplifier;  Wyred 4 Sound announces the release of our revolutionary proprietary Class D amplifier, the statement nextGEN, capable of 250WPC; Perfection that can also be bridgeable to 750 watts.  Featuring a super-sized toroidal transformer with substantial energy reserves all wrapped in a custom designed aluminum case fabricated in-house.  The statementnextGEN shows how extraordinary an amplifier can sound and how worthy manufacturing in the USA can be.  A whole new statement of what true value Wyred 4 Sound equipment is!
PH-1 Phono-Stage;  Wyred 4 Sound announces the release of our new ultra quite PH-1 Phono-Stage.  The PH-1 features an external power supply and promises a new level of resolution to your analog setup.  The unit has user selectable gain of 44db, 50db, 56db, or 62db.  Cartridge loading is also a breeze with 4 settings to choose from, 100(0.047uf), 511(0.01uf), 1k(4700pf), 44k (47pf).  Our new phono-stage is housed in an all-aluminum enclosure and carries on Wyred 4 Sound’s tradition of top quality performance, built to last, and at an affordable price!
MS Music Server;  Wyred 4 Sound announces the release of our new high powered MS Music Server, which runs Spotify Connect, Logitech Media Server, MPD/DLNA compatible and Roon ready.  The server features the powerful Intel® Core™ i7 processor, 8-16 GB RAM, built-in slot drive for easy CD ripping, internal SSD hard drive for storage and superior playback (you can also use your NAS or USB storage as a mounted drive).  The server is housed in an all-aluminum enclosure with passive cooling and has USB, I2S, Coax, and Optical outputs.  A true powerhouse, full featured Music Server, what our customer have come to expect from Wyred 4 Sound!
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