DEQX Pty Ltd

Phone: +61 2 99056277

Website: http://www.deqx.com

Location: Brookvale NSW, Australia

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer


origin: latin radicalis: root of the issue]

Visit DEQX and experience the stunning transparency as the DEQX HDP-5 and new PreMate Plus demonstrate the new Roon Audio interface.  This year also sees the return of the gobsmacking horn speaker demonstration, by magic hear your typical railway platform announcement PA horn speakers play audiophile music.

The new HDP-5 and PreMate Plus features preamp functions, remote control and an optional USB audio and Roon Ready network streaming. The USB’s internal I2S digital interface avoids the need to convert to and from S/PDIF. The resulting increase in resolution is makes it easier to suspend disbelief and fall into the music.

This year DEQX for the first time are demonstration a full DEQX system including our top of the Range HDP-5 preamp / processor / crossover with our newly introduced 3-channel mono block amplifiers, driving our DEQX reference 3-way active isobaric speakers. The unique system should surprise with it musical output.

DEQX processors correct the distortion that all speakers make – electro-mechanical devices that they are – and only then measure and correct the room. DEQX processors also do the impossible and seamlessly integrate one or a pair of subwoofers into a system.

The DEQX is unique in correcting frequency-response errors as other units do but also timing errors by adjusting thousands of frequency groups so they arrive on time. DEQX restores timing, phase and amplitude accuracy to the speakers followed by judicious room compensation. Unlike other room compensation devices DEQX is mostly concerned with correcting speaker distortion with room compensation an added extra.