Crestone Peak

Musical Surroundings

Phone: 510-547-5006


Location: Oakland CA, United States

Exhibitor Type: U.S. Distributor

Since 1991, Oakland, California-based Musical Surroundings has specialized in the distribution and manufacture of analog and vinyl playback equipment including turntables, tonearms, phono cartridges, preamps, and analog accessories.

Our products: AMG // Benz Micro // Clearaudio // DS Audio // Hana // Musical Surroundings // Record Time

Musical Surroundings will be using the MartinLogan Neolith ($79,995/pair) to demonstrate three of their turntable systems at various price points. The first features the Clearaudio Master Innovation with top-of-the-line TT1-MI linear arm and Goldfinger cartridge retailing for $92,500. The second system retails for $17,250 and features the AMG Giro turntable, just awarded Class A in Stereophile's Recommended Components, and the DS Audio DS-002 Optical cartridge, recent recipient of The Absolute Sounds' Golden Ear award. The third, featuring the new Clearaudio Concept Black turntable and tonearm with a Hana SL cartridge (also a recent recipient of The Absolute Sounds' Golden Ear award), and the new Musical Surroundings SuperNova III phono stage, comes in at $7,550. The MartinLogan Neolith will be powered using an Audio Research Ref 6 preamplifier and Ref 3 phono stage driving their most powerful Reference 750 SE monoblock amplifiers along with an Audio Research Ref CD9 compact disc player/DAC. Cabling will be provided by MIT (Music Interface Technologies), the rack is provided by HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems), and acoustical treatments from ASC Tube Traps. Seven different Clearaudio turntables and their Double Matrix Professional Sonic record cleaning machine will be on passive display on the Mezzanine.

You can find us in the Crestone Peak room on the mezzanine level.