Nola Speakers (Accent)

Phone: 631-738-2540

Website: http://www.nolaspeakers.com

Location: Holbrook NY, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

Nola Speakers manufactures high end and ultra high end loudspeakers for the home. Models include Boxer 3, Boxer S3, Brio Trio System, Brio Quatro System and Brio Subwoofer, Contender 3, Contender S3, KO 3. Our Reference Model series includes Studio Grand Reference Gold 2, Metro Grand Reference Gold 2, Baby Grand Reference Gold 2, Concert Grand Reference Gold, and our Flagship Model, the 4 tower Grand Reference 6 Gold. We also manufacture Blue Thunder Speaker Cable, which offers extremely high performance at an affordable price. All loudspeakers are hand built to order using point to point wiring (no printed circuit boards) and no fuses or current limiting devices for highest performance and longest life. All models except Boxers and Contenders utilize our exclusive open baffle technology.