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Audio Research Corporation

Phone: 763-577-9700


Location: Plymouth MN, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

Founded in 1970 by Bill Johnson, Audio Research is the oldest continuously-operating audio manufacturer of high performance vacuum-tube electronics in the United States. Audio Research still crafts all of its products in its Plymouth, Minnesota facility, inserting and soldering every component into each audio board by hand. Not satisfied with "audiophile grade" parts, Audio Research designs many of its own parts including capacitors, transformers, and wiring, having them custom-manufactured in North America. Every finished component is bench tested, burned-in, then bench tested a second time before it is auditioned in a reference music system. The attention to detail is even more fanatical today than it was in 1970. Audio Research strives to maintain the value of its products worldwide, maintaining the ability to repair or restore virtually every product manufactured during its first 47 years. Even with countless rave reviews and product-of-the-year awards over the decades, you must hear Audio Research products for yourself to fully appreciate their peerless sound quality.