Boulder Amplifiers, Inc.

Phone: 303-449-8220, x110

Website: http://www.boulderamp.com

Location: Louisville CO, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

For nearly 30 years, Boulder has been manufacturing the world's finest audio equipment in Colorado.  We are the last remaining North American high-performance audio electronics manufacturer to perform all aspects of design, manufacturing and assembly in-house.

Boulder’s origins began in the world of studio recording and broadcast where we earned a reputation for absolute neutrality and transparency in amplification and preamplification.  Hundreds of albums and film scores have been recorded on Boulder equipment.  To date, we have won numerous awards and accolades for sound quality, manufacturing and international export business.  Our product offerings include amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono preamplifiers, streaming digital converters and networked disc players. 

We will be offering factory tours and hosting evening events with new products at our dealer, Soundings Audio/Video, during the show (a short, 5 minute walk from the show).  For further information, please contact us at 303-449-8220 or sales@boulderamp.com