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Location: Holliston MA, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

Nordost is the premier manufacturer of hifi audio cables and accessories in the consumer electronics industry. Over the past two decades, Nordost has developed an extensive, all-encompassing range of hifi audio solutions, including audio and video cables, power products, and resonance control devices. Nordost cables bring the pure, unadulterated reality of a live performance to hifi sound systems, regardless the systems’ price point. Nordost has implemented a number of groundbreaking processes and developed proprietary technologies in order to ensure that the company maintains the quality that it has become known for. By introducing innovations such as Dual/Micro-Mono Filament, TSC (Total Signal Control) technology, and HOLO:PLUG® Connectors, Nordost has become the vanguard of the of the audio cable industry, surpassing its competitors and finding itself on a level of its own.

Nordost is proud to boast that each one of our cables is handcrafted in the United States to serve an international clientele.