Phone: 504-251-2311

Website: http://www.audiokinesis.com

Location: Princeton TX, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

AudioKinesis is a high-end audio dealership and loudspeaker manufacturer.  Our loudspeakers combine excellent radiation pattern control with a benign impedance curve and negligible power compression.  The basic concept is to get not only the first-arrival sound right but also the reverberant sound right, something that live instruments inherently do but few loudspeakers emulate.  We have found that a spectrally-correct reverberant field is critical to natural timbre and long-term fatigue-free listening.  We pay particular attention to the radiation pattern in the crossover region, as this is an area of weakness for many loudspeaker systems.  By using high quality pro-sound drivers the full dynamic contrast of the recording is preserved. We build in enough user-adjustable flexibility that our speakers can be adapted to unconventional room setup situations that defy many designs.  Our speakers also develop an unusually wide sweet spot when set up as recommended.  We're better at speaker design than we are at writing exhibitor bios, so we invite you to come by Room 2014 and check us out.