Aaudio imports

Phone: 303-264-8831


Location: Parker CO, United States

Exhibitor Type: U.S. Distributor

Colorado is our home-town show and I encourage a visit to my showroom in Parker which is just a 15-mile drive south from the Marriott Hotel. Please contact Brian Ackerman for a personal demo of our products at… / 303-264-8831 Our latest Flagship system will be on display this year, so make plans to visit and hear this amazing system! For RMAF 2017 in the Larkspur room on the main hotel level I will be showing the following system: * HB Cable Design PowerSlave Marble - Passive Power Distributor * Ikeda KAI - MC Cartridge * Stage III Cables - Analord Master Phono Cable - Gorgon Interconnects - Medusa Speaker Cables - Kraken Power Cords - Leviathan Power Cords * Thales - TTT Compact II Turntable - Statement Tone-arm * Wilson Benesch - Cardinal Full Range Flagship Loudspeakers - Torus Infrasonic Generator - R1 Carbon Hi-Fi Rack * Ypsilon Electronics - PST100 MKII Preamp - Hyperion Mono Amps - VPS100 Phono-stage - MC26-L Step-up Transformer