Aaudio imports

Phone: 303-264-8831


Location: Parker CO, United States

Exhibitor Type: U.S. Distributor

Colorado is our home-town show and I encourage a visit to my showroom in Parker which is just a 15 mile drive south from the Marriott Hotel. Please contact Brian Ackerman for a personal demo of our products at… / 303-264-8831 Our latest Flagship system will be on display this year, so make plans to visit and hear this amazing system! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For RMAF 2017 in the Larkspur room on the main hotel level I will be showing the following system: * HB Cable Design PowerSlave Marble - Passive Power Distributor * Ikeda KAI - MC Cartridge * Stage III Cables - Analord Master Phono Cable - Gorgon Interconnects - Medusa Speaker Cables - Kraken Power Cords - Leviathan Power Cords * Thales - TTT Compact II Turntable - Statement Tone-arm * Wilson Benesch - Cardinal Full Range Flagship Loudspeakers - Torus Infrasonic Generator - R1 Carbon Hi-Fi Rack * Ypsilon Electronics - PST100 MKII Preamp - Hyperion Mono Amps - VPS100 Phono-stage - MC26-L Step-up Transformer