Aaudio imports

Phone: 303-264-8831


Location: Parker CO, United States

Exhibitor Type: U.S. Distributor

Colorado is our home-town show and I encourage a visit to my showroom in Parker which is just a 15 mile drive south from the Marriott Hotel. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For RMAF 2016 in Suite: 4024 I will be showing the following system: - Finite Elemente Pagode APS Rack w/CeraBase Classic Footers - HB Cable Design PowerSlave Marble - Ikeda KAI Cartridge - Stage III Cables; Analord Master, Kraken, Leviathan, Gorgon & Medusa - Thales TTT Compact II table w/Simplicity II Arm - Wilson Benesch ACT One Evolution Speakers - Ypsilon Phaethon Integrated Amp - Ypsilon VPS100 Phono Stage w/MC26L Step-up I am looking forward to seeing everyone again!