Kyron Audio

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Location: Woodland Hills California, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

“It was among the best sound I have ever heard, anyplace, ever! “ “I sat down and went through track after track—songs I've played dozens of times at shows and of course live from the turntable—and what I heard from this system absolutely astonished me.” “Instrumental textures and timbres were as accurate and realistically portrayed as I've ever heard them. The amount of true detail revealed in very familiar records was unprecedented.” | Michael Fremer

“I can tell you that the Kronos system sounded magnificent”“the loudspeakers and the room seemed to disappear, replaced by tangible images hanging in an acoustic space. I was also impressed by the bass definition and extension, clean midrange textures, and detailed yet smooth treble.” | Robert Harley

“My ears were rejoicing to the top to bottom coherency with a smoothness generally reserved for only the very best reference loudspeaker designs” | Steve R Rochlin

“I was treated to a fine excerpt from Grieg's Holberg Suite 1 and I do mean treated. This was spectacular sound. The track showed off the ability of this system to create, in an almost unnerving manner, a soundfield that was way beyond the term "stage." It just seemed endless.” | Sasha Matson

Kyron Audio hand crafts home stereo systems of incomparable beauty, refinement and performance in Adelaide, Australia for customers all over the globe. Individually tailored to each client, every Kyron system is as unique as our members, hand assembled to our exacting standards under the watchful eye of the designer.

Kyron firmly believes that loudspeakers should be works of art, complementing and enhancing their environment while providing joy, exhilaration, and pride even when not playing music. The fact that the Kyron music experience is overwhelmingly emotional and impactful will cement in your mind why our systems have become cult objects of desire for music lovers everywhere.

Way more than the sum of its parts, the Kronos system with Mercury subwoofers showing at RMAF 2018 is a complete turnkey home music solution. The synergy of the whole system solution allows for perfect matching and optimisation of every part to give unrivalled sound quality. The loudspeakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers and cables are all included and represent the state of the art in electronic and electromechanical technology.

The system includes professional installation in your home, with on-board room correction, ensuring it sounds as good at home as in the display room.

Visit Kyron in the Lupine room at RMAF to experience music like never before.