Phone: 438-338-0218

Website: http://www.artistcloner.com

Location: MONTREAL Quebec, Canada

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

ArtistCloner inc. Manufactures low volume high quality audio equipment with the design philosophy of top quality and simplicity. Main products are amplification and speakers. The amplifiers features are; oversized power supplies with custom built to order transformers with static shield, Class A operation for the first watt, signal paths are silver soldered (Cardas) and sport no series capacitors in the signal path. Fully protected from over heating, over voltage, undervoltage, DC errors and short circuit protecting on the outputs. As for the speakers they are in a dual layered 1/2 inch HDF cabinet, a first order crossover with no capacitors in the circuit, high quality drivers and a paint finish in high gloss. Accessories compliment the main products; speaker cables (Litz and solid core OCC hybrid wires), interconnects (OCC copper) with either Teflon or Silk insulation, power cables with a Reverse Wound Ground (RWG) technology to reduce inductance/interference and an A/C power distributer with resonance control. All the products are a labor of love that has been in development for more than 30 years. What started out as a quest to find out why amplifiers sound different to being a manufacture today is fueled by pure passion. In collaboration with Merging Technologies visit us in room 7025 .