Omega Audio Concepts

Phone: +393803058402

Website: http://www.omegaudioconcepts.com

Location: Treviso , Italy

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

We want to allow the best flow of audio signal and avoid as much as possible any internal or external interference: Omega Audio Concepts brand was born from our love for music and its correct home reproduction, following tight scientific laws. Our production process is characterized by very high theoretical, technical and productive standards followed relentlessly without any compromise. All of this with the scope of making your listening experience better day after day. All our products are based on the best possible signal transfer in the cables as we think that it is the basic element to build a hi-end system. After the cables we created our CD players, DA converters and amplifiers following simple design concepts: keep all circuits as separate as possible, both electrically and mechanically, stay away as much as possible from vibrations and use only cabinets machined from solid aluminum billets