Ana Mighty Sound

Phone: +33 (0)65 1107 664

Website: http://www.anamightysound.com

Location: Cluis Indre, France

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

French based company dedicated to vinyl playback, we have been fine-tuning, fine-rebuilding and fine-building cartridges since 2012 and at the same time distributing brands (Schick, Schröder, STST, Uwe, PTP Audio, Jan Allaerts, Alto-Extremo, L’Art du Son, Süesskind Audio and much more !) with whom we had great affinities and a real companionship. In 2016 we united altogether into the Gentlemen Audio Builders International, the perfect excuse for gathering all together and offer independent (Ana Mighty Shows) and international shows as well as building synergetic and efficient set-ups. This is our first participation to Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and we are very happy to join Troy Audio in this great adventure !