High End By Oz LLC

Phone: (424) 344-0011

Website: http://www.highendbyoz.com

Location: Los Angeles CA, United States

Exhibitor Type: Dealer

High End By Oz is a Los Angeles based High End Audio Dealer representing world renown brands. World Premiere!!! AAvik U-150 all in one integrated amplifier World Premiere!!! 2X300W integrated amplifier with built-in DAC (PCM, DSD and MQA) and built-in phono module. Speaker : Raidho Acoustics D 1.1 in "Special" Ferrari Fiorano Red with dedicated stands and Diamond adjustable feet. Digital : Vitus Audio Masterpiece CD Transport MP-T201MKII Cables : Full Ansuz Acoustics D-TC cables and Ansuz Diamond Power Distributor Rack : Raidho Acoustics Accessories : Ansuz Acoustics D-TC resonance control and cable lifters.