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Larsen speakers are based on a systematic rethinking of how speakers interacts with the room and the listener at the listening position and how sound ought to radiate into the room. To create a speaker that works when placed against the wall is advantageous not only for the bass but also for ideal and natural sound and music reproduction. Placing a conventional speaker against the wall does not work. But the Larsen speakers’ angled drivers, the surrounding absorption material and the unique crossover, that was created after decades of research and development, means that the Larsen speaker now effectively works with any given room instead of against it, unlike most conventional speakers that are designed to perform ideally in Anechoic chambers (dampened rooms without reflections). Anechoic sound reproduction (the theory behind most conventional speakers’ reproduction) sound very odd, unnatural and unconvincing. The human brain has learned that echoes and reflections exists in any room, so testing and developing speakers in anechoic chambers is far removed from real world listening. Handcrafted in Sweden, very natural sounding and musical with a huge soundstage and a very wide sweet spot.