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Location: San Diego CA, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

1MORE is a premiere consumer electronics audio company headquartered in San Diego, California. Our mission is to deliver superior quality headphones at surprisingly affordable prices, disrupting an industry where price hiking and design shortcuts are the norm. 1MORE meticulously engineers and over-tests our award winning headphones. We use the latest patented designs and materials to enhance our sound, comfort, and esthetic appeal. Exceptional features include: Ergonomic fit that matches your ear canals, aerospace-grade metal drivers, patented silicon covered armatures, TR-90 titanium alloy constructed over-ears, and the latest aptX wireless technology in our Bluetooth models. We take zero shortcuts to maintain a standard of modern excellence in function and form and stand by this with a one-year warranty. 1MORE is committed to representing your favorite artist’s music with unrivaled precision. 1MORE and Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi created a signature sound that is naturally balanced, without the harsh bass and treble boost prevalent with other brands, to deliver a fully satisfying listening experience at healthy volume levels. We want you to hear what artists intended you to hear while protecting your ears. 1MORE is devoted to bringing music to life. When you “hear” our “now” you will be at one with your music, for the goal of any great technology is to disappear. There may be a mountain of headphone brands. We don’t simply want to climb that mountain. We want to turn it upside down so everyone can reach the peak.