Audio Den Ltd.

Phone: 303-478-8221


Location: Bailey CO, United States

Exhibitor Type: Dealer

This year Audio Den Ltd. will be debuting the NEW! Thrax Audio Full-range Lyra/Basus Speakers, the NEW! Thrax Ares (solid-state) and Enyo (tube) Modular Audiophile Systems, and other Thrax Audio products such as: The award winning Dionysos Pre-amp, Teres Mono-Amps and Maximinus 32 bit DAC. We will also be showing the Symposium Osiris equipment rack and using Enklein interconnects and power cables throughout. Audio Den Ltd. is a Colorado based High-End Audio Company that features Thrax Audio Equipment, Enklein Cables, and Symposium Acoustics Racks and Accessories. Audio Den Ltd. is located in Bailey, CO. Our website is located at: