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CH Precision

Phone: +41 (0)21 701 9040


Location: , Switzerland

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

CH Precision is a Swiss company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commercialization of ultra high-end audio products under the 'CH' brand. Fully designed and manufactured in Switzerland, CH products stand out for their exceptional audio performances and build quality. The range of products comprises state-of-the-art power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, phono stages, analog preamplifiers, digital to analog converters, clock generators and CD/SACD players. The company, based on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, was founded in 2009 by Florian Cossy and is currently represented in over 20 countries across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. CH Precision is and always will be fully committed to developing exclusive Swiss Made audio products which redefine the boundaries of sound reproduction.