aqua - acoustic quality

Phone: 703-750-5461

Website: http://www.aquahifi.com

Location: Milan , Italy

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

ETHOS aqua – acoustic quality was founded in Italy (2010) with the goal of musical excellence, artistic tradition, and representing the innovative spirit and craftsmanship of its people. We design and manufacture audio equipment marked by the indispensable values of signal purity and acoustic fidelity pursued with the utmost dedication. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY aqua – acoustic quality does not succumb to the whims of the latest market trends but instead carefully develops its products to withstand the test of time. By combining dedicated research with creative thinking, aqua has introduced a number of innovative solutions aimed at recreating the experience of live music in your home. Some of these advancements are listed below: proprietary DFD (Direct From Decoder) digital decoding without digital filter for purest digital signal quality. Innovative treatment of the PCM digital signal: after exhaustive listening tests, a 1x sample rate has been chosen as best exclusive high-performance digital interface AQlink (I2S protocol), uncompromising digital connection from transport unit to DAC, employing both RJ45 and professional etherCON RJ45 connections discrete circuit with high-speed photocouplers for Galvanic and magnetic isolation proprietary ISDC (Isolated Synchronous Discrete Circuit) digital decoding and clock manager high-performance AQ Discrete Regulator (MOSFET, J-FET, BJT) for analog and digital power supplies