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Audio Physic

Phone: 631-246-4412

Website: vanaltd.com/collections/audio-physic

Location: Lake Grove NY, United States

Exhibitor Type: U.S. Distributor

For over 30 yrs, Audio Physic have designed and manufactured some of the most highly reviewed loudspeakers in the world. These are produced using a long and intensive process in which they are subjected to hundreds of listening tests, developed according to acoustic and aesthetic factors and continuously improved in terms of their details, by Chief Designer Manfred Diestertich. Their success definitely also comes down to the fact that they view loudspeakers as "a whole". After all, just like in a symphony orchestra, the perfect interaction of all individual elements is the essential factor. This is why the Audio Physic engineers pay great attention to even the most minor details in their search for flawless sound reproduction. They examine and analyze every technical element and check whether it can be optimized, and in the process have developed many proprietary technologies. The result of these efforts often remains invisible to loudspeaker users, but you can certainly hear it! The drivers that are mechanically decoupled from the cabinet or the buffered crossovers and terminals, for example, guarantee an even more accurate sound reproduction with even better attention to detail. One element that is immediately evident when you look at an Audio Physic loudspeaker is its exemplary hand crafted workmanship and high-quality finish. Audio Physic loudspeakers harmoniously integrate into their corresponding living environment, just like a high-quality piece of furniture. In line with this, you are able to choose between several beautiful wood veneers, high gloss, and glass finishes in over 200 designer colors in each of our models. Come in and meet Chief Designer Manfred Diestertich!