CANJAM 59, 60

Campfire Audio

Phone: 971-279-4357


Location: Portland OR, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

Campfire Audio is an audio design and manufacturing company located in Portland, Oregon USA. We began by hand making cables and amplifiers in our Portland, Oregon workshop. Enjoying music with our amplifiers and cables we use only the best earphones available. As we continued to listen we found something missing in what we were hearing. So we began to design and build earphones in our workshop for our own use. The results exceeded our own expectations. Impressing us and the handful of our friends who first listened to them. So we began to produce more sets. Building each pair by hand to assure the highest quality in the finished product. We love the variations and imperfections that are inherent in small batch production. Each earphone has its own character and matched by hand to its closest pair. Our products combine high quality components with fine craftsmanship. Our earphones will provide you with hours of listening enjoyment while standing up to the rigors of daily use. Great sounding earphones. Nicely done.