Website: http://www.PureAudioProject.com

Location: Tel Aviv , Israel

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

PureAudioProject is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer of high-end Modular Open Baffle loudspeakers. This year at RMAF we will present our modular concept by playing the raved Trio15, and our recently launched 7' tall Wall of Sound Quintet15, both with our proprietary PAP-Horn1 wide range driver. Quote, Douglas Schroeder, Dagogo: "I have been pinching and kicking myself for the past several weeks as I have been romancing the Trio15 PAP-Horn1; pinching myself to see if this is not an illusion, that the experience is as magical as I’m hearing... I have several iterations with the PAPHorn1 to explore, but already the few configurations I have assembled would quality as most ardent audiophiles’ end game masterpiece."