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Website: http://www.aurender.com

Location: Irvine CA, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

Aurender is the market leader in high performance file-based music servers, players and streamers. Our products are trendsetting by design and contest the status quo by providing a rich and satisfying user experience considered to be the best by audio critics worldwide. Our unified approach combines all the necessary components required for digital music reproduction. The CPU, power supply, digital audio output stage, HDD storage and SSD caching drives are housed in an exquisitely machined aluminum enclosure with a fit and finish that belies its cost. Due to the inherent simplicity of our user-centric design approach, we are able to deliver advanced functionallity without the steep learning curve and connectivity challenges normally associated with typical computer-based audio systems. Thanks to the Aurender Conductor App, complete control of all aspects of music management are accomplished from an iPad. This is a dream come true for music lovers. The ability to store and playback a vast music library, easily access TIDAL or Qobuz lossless streaming services , play MQA content, or simply listen to internet radio is now a reality. And there's an Aurender music server for every system at any budget that will maximize your musical enjoyment.