2018-Al Stiefel Legacy Room

JWM Acoustics

Phone: (808)349-6661

Website: http://www.jwmacoustics.com

Location: Austin TX, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

Aloha and welcome to JWM ACOUSTICS where Art, Audio and Design Convergeā€¦ JWM ACOUSTICS is a custom audio company catering to the individual needs of the client. Each product is handmade from sustainable exotic woods. Each piece is as unique as the person who chooses it. JWM is pleased to create one of a kind pieces that will enhance the life of each person who experiences them. JWM products are not only built as sound reproduction tools, but as instruments that will last for generations. Exceptional handmade musical instruments with a life of their own. For RMAF, We will be showing our new speaker the ALYSON AML II. We will also be showing three turntable designs. The KAREN 3, 6 and the all new KAREN 12! In addition, several examples of our accessories will also be on display including our always popular Cable Cradles. We are so happy to be showing with equipment from Aries Cerat, Etsuro Urushi, Balanced Audio Technology and Douglas Connection. The system will be amazing to say the least. The pre-amplifier and amplifier will be the Aries Cerat Impara II Signature and Diana Forte. Digatal files provided by the Believe High Fidelity Server and Kasandra II Reference DAC, also from Aries Cerat. The cartridge in the room will be the Cobalt Blue from Etsuro Urushi. This will be mounted on the new KAREN 12 turntable. Of course the cables in the system are being provided by Douglas Connection and will include several levels, both in the system and on display. To make things more interesting, we will have the entire system and components up for grabs at a ridiculously low show price. All speaker, turntable, accessories and system prices will be available in the room. Should you fall in love with anything on display, we can have it ready for pickup at the close of the show. Don't worry, we can also ship you your dream system from Austin. Joshua W. Miles