iFi audio

Phone: +44 1704 227 204


Location: Southport Merseyside, United Kingdom

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

iFi audio was launched at RMAF 2012 with 4 units and the belief that audiophile standard portable/desktop solutions could be designed with ultra-fidelity sound quality within an affordable price range. Being born from Abbingdon Music Research (AMR), acclaimed for its high-end audio ‘home-based’ components, ultra-fidelity is in our DNA. Compromise is not in our vocabulary and our technology constantly pushes beyond the now. We won an EISA for Best Product in 2014-15 and now have over 30 award-winning products in our portfolio of DACs, headphone amps, phono stages, pre-amps, all-in-ones, signal and power accessories. We have a global presence spanning all the major markets. Our retailers range from B&H Photo (NYC) to Virgin Megastore (Dubai) to Yodabashi Camera (Tokyo).