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High Fidelity Services

Phone: 781-987-3434

Website: http://www.hifiservices.com

Location: Hingham MA, United States

Exhibitor Type: U.S. Distributor

Welcome to High Fidelity Services! It is our sincere hope, given this opportunity to introduce ourselves, that we convey our passion for bringing the ultimate reproduction of the musical arts to our partners and end consumers.

As enthusiastic importers and distributors of outstanding audio products, we embrace all types of music and all methods of listening to music, regardless of budget and independent of musical taste. Our objective is to assist in emphasizing the beauty of that music and to support our retail partners in helping consumers achieve a visceral and realistic musical experience.

Our carefully selected products from Neat Acoustics, Verity Audio, Audia Flight, Vibex, Signal Projects, Analogue Works, and Hannl Vinyl Care, combined with our unique service approach redefine traditional High Fidelity product distribution. Call us for a refreshing prospective. We welcome inquiries and "Love Talking Audio".