Phone: +49(0)30-2100 5662

Website: http://www.voxativ.com

Location: Berlin , Germany

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

Like our home city of Berlin, Voxativ is world-renown for provocative designs poised at the intersection of glamour and grit. Our collection of award-winning, high-efficiency, full-range loudspeakers and bespoke tube electronics are handcrafted instruments that resolve the emotional truth of your music.

From our Stereophile product of the year, Ampeggio, to AUDIO magazine's reference speaker, Ampeggio Due - we've had the honor of being recognized as best-in-class regardless of price.

At this year's RMAF, founder Holger Adler will be in attendance from Berlin to present a trio of full-range, high-efficiency loudspeakers optimized with Voxativ's Acoustic Stealth Technology (AST®). The 9.87 system with active Pi-Bass modules, the Zeth-B tower system with active Z-Bass modules and the Hagen mini-monitors will all be driven throughout the weekend by the Voxativ T211 SET Integrated amp. This will also be the first US showing of the Voxativ Rack.

Stay curious.