Wireworld Cable Technology

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Website: http://www.wireworldcable.com

Location: Davie FL, United States

Exhibitor Type: Manufacturer

Wireworld is thrilled to introduce Series 8 interconnects and speaker cables at RMAF 2018!

The new ‘Series 8’ cables incorporate a number of innovations, including Wireworld’s next generation composite insulation material, ‘Composilex® 3,’ which minimizes triboelectric noise to provide cleaner sonic textures and quieter backgrounds than conventional insulation materials. 

Wireworld’s patented DNA Helix conductor geometry has also been upgraded with additional strand groups that reduce electromagnetic losses for increased resolution and dynamic expression. Most of the speaker cables also benefit from heavier gauge conductors and greater flexibility. These material and design upgrades represent five years of additional research and development beyond Wireworld’s critically acclaimed Series 7 cables.

The following NEW products have also been added to the Wireworld line: Mini power cords with figure 8 (IEC-C7) plugs; A tiny headphone cable optimized for in-ear monitors; An 8-channel studio snake for analog and digital applications; The first instrument cable built around a DuPont Kevlar core; And HDMI2.0 cables with a new active technology that maximizes system compatibility.

Wireworld Cable Technology, which was founded by renowned designer David Salz in 1992, is the premier provider of leading edge digital and analog cable technology for home audio and video, from HDMI and USB audio to state of the art high-end interconnects and speaker cables. Wireworld earned its world-class reputation by producing superior cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, innovative patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality.