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Arion Audio

Hybrid Vacuum Tube / PWM Amplifiers


The HS-500 mono power amplifier is the first offering of the "Harmony Series" from Arion Audio. The HS-500 uses a composite of vacuum tube technology and high-speed pulse-width modulated switching output stage technology. With 500 WPC into 8 ohms and 1000 WPC into 4 ohms, the HS-500 can power even the most demanding loudspeakers with ease. The HS-500 is equipped with both a balanced and single-ended input. Input and output connectors are high quality gold-over-copper construction. A 15-amp IEC-connector is provided.

Harmony Series, vacuum tube driven, cool running, high output, solid state high-speed pulse-width modulated switching output stage power amplifiers go beyond description. Detailed, extended, grain-free top end, yes. Open, in the room mid-range presence, definitely. Harmonically rich, it’s all there. Explosive dynamics, of course. Startling impact, absolutely. Three-dimensionality with substance, to die for. You must experience the ultimate sonic performance of the Arion Audio Harmony Series Amplifiers for yourself. Let us know if you can put your experience into words.


The HS Series is designed for the discerning music lover who wants the ultimate in sonic purity with a presentation that is harmonic rich and with endless depth and three-dimensionality.