Woo Audio Announces: WA33 Elite Edition & Launch partner of MYSPHERE 3.1 headphones — Room 6007, Summit Tower

– Experience the all-new Woo Audio WA33 Elite Edition fully balanced 2A3 tube headphone amplifier/preamplifier paired with world-class headphones from STAX Japan, HiFiMan, Focal, ABYSS headphones and much more. See Woo Audio in room 6000 AND 6007 on the 6th floor for an unforgettable listening experience.
– Woo Audio is pleased to be the official launch partner of MYSPHERE 3.1 headphones. The roots of MYSPHERE 3.1 go back to the legendary flagship headphone K1000 of AKG, introduced to the market in 1989. Two outstanding acoustic engineers are associated with the history of the K1000 will be on hand to debut the new headphone and answer questions. See Woo Audio and the MYSHERE 3.1 team in room 6007 on the 6th floor and be the first to experience the new headphone.
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