Vinyl lovers can celebrate the introduction of the new E-02 Balanced Phonostage Preamplifier by Esoteric. – American Debut at RMAF ’17 — Room 521, Front Range

ESOTERIC announced a new phonostage preamplifier, the E-02 (MSRP: $9,500 U.S.D.).
The Esoteric E-03 is one of the most widely reviewed and critically acclaimed pieces of Esoteric over the last 8 years. The E-02 builds on that with a total redesign. While the E-02 maintains some of the E-03’s popular features, such as two inputs, front panel loading adjustments, a fully dual/mono design and a cartridge demag feature, the E-02 adds fully balanced circuitry with a pair balanced inputs, two sets of single ended inputs, and both balanced and single ended outputs. The E-02 features a newly designed fully balanced MC head amplifier and RIAA amplifier.
The E-02 will be active in the Esoteric room, 521.
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