VANATOO Announces the Transparent One Encore — Rooms 3021 & 2007

The Vanatoo Transparent One has finally been outdone — and by Vanatoo themselves! The update, known as the Transparent One Encore, incorporates 5 years of customer feedback and design refinement. The system plays deeper, louder, cleaner, clearer, and with a sound that is more relaxed and organic. Bluetooth with aptX allows effortless streaming. The remote control makes the T1E the nerve center of a killer 2.0 or 2.1 music/theater/gaming system. The new standard in compact full-range powered speakers.

Vanatoo Show Specials

$40 off Vanatoo Transparent Zero. Normally $359, only$319 at RMAF!

$100 off Special introductory Offer on the new Vanatoo Transparent One Encore. Normally $599, this limited offer will get you a set of Encore’s for the $499 price of the original Transparent One.

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