US Debut for British Hi-Fi Specialist MITCHELL & JOHNSON — Room 6013, Summit Tower

THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL AUDIO FEST 2018 has been chosen by British hi-fi specialist, Mitchell & Johnson, for the US debut of the new 800 Series, a new flagship range of hi-fi components and the first to be entirely designed, engineered and built in the UK. The new 800 Series represents a significant milestone for Mitchell & Johnson who has recently committed to UK manufacturing for all its forthcoming products. Made in rural Britain, the 800 Series puts the hi-fi lover
firmly in mind, with UK manufacturing enabling the company to produce higher quality products and better control all elements of the business, from design to final hand-assembly, customer service to technical support, with the benefit of dedicated UK factory back-up.

The first products to be announced in the new 800 Series are the S800 ‘digital’ preamp with multi-input DAC and phono stage, plus the matching S815 power amp, both of which are priced at just £1,299/$1,725 EACH.

WHO: Mitchell & Johnson, an exciting new British hi-fi manufacturer with real affordability

WHAT: September-launched S800 ‘DIGITAL’ PREAMP ($1,725) AND S815 POWER AMP ($1,725) [1], entirely designed, engineered and built in the UK. The S800 preamp benefits from a high-quality MM/MC phono stage, plus a highly flexible built-in ESS Sabre 9018 DAC with an XMOS asynchronous USB input plus three optical and three coaxial digital inputs. The S815 power amp offers 150 watts into 8 ohms, class A/B architecture, stunning illuminated VU meters and a solid aluminium front panel.

WHERE Mitchell & Johnson at RMAF 2018: Room 6013, Summit Tower Level 6

CONTACT(S): Mitchell & Johnson [2] +44 (0)1223782474
(PR) Dan George: +44 (0)7899 808918


Mitchell & Johnson is a dynamic young British hi-fi company with a passion for state-of-the-art technology paired with classic aesthetics. It offers a wide number of precision-engineered audio products and has an exciting raft of UK-designed-and-built hi-fi equipment in the pipeline for 2018/19.

The company prides itself on offering the countless benefits of UK production with unrivalled affordability. With design-consultancy work undertaken by one of the audio industry’s most respected electronics engineers, Mitchell & Johnson has quickly established itself as a front-runner for high-quality, inexpensive, British-made hi-fi.

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