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Tom Christiansen Audio World Premiere at RMAF 2019

Date: 09/06/2019
Category: Press Releases

I am proud to announce the launch of Tom Christiansen Audio and HPA-1 ultra high performance headphone amplifier at RMAF 2019. With its vanishingly low distortion, ultra-low noise floor, and ample output power, the HPA-1 renders the source material without any colouration or sonic signature. In addition, due to its exceptionally low intermodulation distortion, the HPA-1 provides an engaging and pleasant listening experience free of listener fatigue.

The heart of the HPA-1 circuit is a high-current, high-speed, current-feedback output driver IC with very low intrinsic distortion. The distortion of the output stage is further reduced by the use of error correction. The HPA-1 features both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs, and offers two gain settings, thus, easily meets the needs of audiophiles, musicians, and studio engineers alike.

Tom Christiansen Audio is based in Calgary, Canada and operated solely by Tom Christiansen. Tom holds several academic degrees, is a US patent holder, and has designed and productized state of the art precision analog circuits since 2005; including for industry giants such as Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor. All Tom Christiansen Audio products are designed and assembled in Canada.

If you would like to experience the clean sound of the HPA-1 and meet Tom Christiansen in person, please visit Booth 23 in the HeadSpace.

The HPA-1 Press Kit is available here:

Contact information: Tom Christiansen – [email protected] –