Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest
October 8-10, 2021
Denver, CO

The Al Stiefel Room

Those who knew RMAF founder Al Stiefel remember him for his spirit of inclusiveness and his passion for high quality sound. As one person put it, “... And that is what Al had made of all of us, friends, a community of great people who happen to be music lovers.”

In remembrance of Al, his wife, Marjorie Baumert, honors his life and his passion for music by having the Al Stiefel Legacy Room at Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest. “I think we could all agree that a large part of Al’s legacy was his inclusiveness and ability to welcome newcomers into the RMAF fold. He loved to champion the underdog with the great idea and applauded those who had the vision and bravery to take a chance. He really did celebrate sound in so many ways! Al's Legacy Room is funded by other exhibitors and industry supporters who wish to extend Al's gift of inclusiveness, and will go to a new manufacturer with an innovative product, or one who simply needs a little help.”

Past Recipients of The Al Stiefel Legacy Room

RMAF is proud to announce the winner of the  Al Stiefel Legacy Room in Al’s honor. Please welcome Hollis Audio Labs, LLC from Callaway, Maryland. The final selection was made by members of the Colorado Audio Society. Welcome!