Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest
October 8-10, 2021
Denver, CO

The Vibe

If you have never experienced “high-end audio” then you are in for a treat the likes of which you may never have dreamed about, and one that could end up enriching your life on a daily basis. You probably listen to music every day... but not like this!

You may have already been confused by the terms “high-end”, “high-fidelity,” “audiophile” and “audiophile-grade. Don't be intimidated! “High-end audio” at the end of the day is simply this: audio systems (stereos) playing your music at an elevated sensory level. “High-end” veterans and those new to the industry experience this heightened state as being able to discern nuances in the recording that they are unable to hear on their car stereo or on the stereo they had in their dorm at college. But don’t think you can’t afford to listen to music the way you long to!  Whether you love sitting in your living room with a great pair of speakers and a turntable, or you want to take your tunes to go with a pair of headphones or in-ear buds, our exhibitors have got you covered! True high-end sound can be experienced with many kinds of of gear and setups in any price range. In fact, we have rooms especially curated to help entry-level audiophiles find superb systems at affordable prices. Once you have been bitten by the “high-end” bug you will be on a journey. Stereophile has put together an audio glossary filled with all the vocabulary you will hear during the weekend.

Trust your ears! You'll know it when you hear it.

When experiencing and analyzing “high-end” systems - the thing to remember as the little boy said in the movie the Matrix is that “there is no spoon.” The sonic experience you will have at the RMAF is solely dependent on your own tastes and as such is completely subjective. We can't predict which audio systems you will fall in love with. What we can guarantee is that if you enjoy listening to music, then you will have an experience at RMAF that will enhance and change the way you do so. We recommend that you ask the exhibitors to play your favorite song. Once you hear it on several systems, you’ll understand something new about what your ears are attuned to, and you’ll be off on a journey to find the perfect musical experience – and the perfect sound system for you!

Potentially there is more audio gear at the RMAF then you may be able to hear in one day. Therefore, we encourage you to get a three-day pass and come early, leave late, talk to people, listen to tons of music and be insatiably curious!