SweetVinyl introduces the SugarCube SC-1 – The first non-destructive click & pop removal component for vinyl records — Room 5002

Visitors to Suite 5002 at RMAF in Denver will see the SugarCube SC-1, the next addition to SweetVinyl’s product line which enhances the enjoyment of vinyl records. The SC-1 packages SweetVinyl’s pioneering click & pop removal technology into an audiophile grade component allowing any combination of turntable and phono stage to play older records as brand new.

The SC-1 shown alongside the SugarCube SC-2 vinyl recording platform includes the same click & pop removal technology as the SC-1.  With the RMAF introduction, SweetVinyl is following the successful introduction and demonstration of the SugarCube SC-2 at the Axpona and Newport shows in 2016.

The SugarCube SC-1 and SC-2 are the first audiophile products to feature real-time, non-destructive, click & pop removal on any vinyl LP record. SweetVinyl’s sophisticated algorithm is able to detect, isolate and remove only unwanted noise separate from the music. Previous demonstrations of the SugarCube’s live removal of clicks & pops has garnered rave reviews from press and attendees at other events.

The SugarCube SC-1 is a stand-alone component with RCA line-in and line-out and can easily integrate with other analog components. It brings together many unique features:

–        Real-Time, Non-Destructive Click & Pop Removal
–        User controllable strength of Click & Pop removal setting
–        Pushbutton audiophile-grade internal bypass
–        iOS and Android mobile apps for controlling the device
–        192k/24 bit hi-res digital processing

Commenting on SweetVinyl’s presence at 2016 RMAF, Leo Hoarty, Founder of SweetVinyl said, “The SugarCube SC-1 is a must have for the vinyl enthusiast who enjoys older records – it is truly amazing to hear a previously unplayable vinyl LP sound like it was just pressed with no sonic degradation.”

The SugarCube SC1 is planned to have a retail price of $1,500 dollars in the US market and will be available in the first quarter of 2017.

For more information please contact: Dan Eakins at dan@sweetvinyl.com

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