SERIOUS STEREO Debuts 3rd Generation Golden-Ratio Amplifiers — Room 3017, Summit Tower

Serious Stereo debuts the new 3rd generation amps now: Denver gets the Honors, the new amps will be playing. Generation ONE was in 1989—NOT ONE has ever failed, today they enjoy the highest resale price ever– related to purchase in the industry.!

Generation TWO was in 2005—debuted in Denver— got Stephen’s Best Sound of RMAF 2005. NOT ONE has ever failed, either. Resale is almost the new prices. Generation THREE debuts at RMAF 2018. This amplifier is built to Golden-Ratio proportions and is larger physically. Benefits are even greater clarity, speed, rhythm, pace, event timing and musical authority. A very powerful “see-thru” amp. Watt rating is low. POWER is high— a concept we don’t care to explain except to folks like you!

These are even more Bullet-proof as usual, no adjustments ever— no failures ever. As Herbie mentioned about Gen TWO– “best amp”—RMAF 2016 and 17.

Gen. THREE uses the same tubes operating at the same voltages and currents, which are ideal parameters scientifically, and were laid-down in 1989, and are not going to be improved by anything that one can buy & use for Audio.

The new amps have slightly less hum, have superior bandwidth, and have more power into the speaker— at the same operating currents and voltages. An all-out signal-transfer-efficiency program has benefitted the latest amps.

All three generations are Class-A SET designs.

As usual, Serious Stereo amps never destroy musical detail, dynamics and nuances in order to get a “black” background— which also blacks-out a lot of music! We never fell for that, never will, we intend our amps to remainthe best music reproducers money can buy.

They DO have a little hum DELIBERATELY, we just won’t sell our musical soul for Brownie Points. Hum reduction to zero levels is VERY EASY to get— actually reproducing music is another thing entirely.

Don’t put the wrong tires on your car to make the buyers love it!

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