Purist Audio Design Introduces USB-C to A adapter & Impresa Silver headphone cable — Conifer 3 Room, Lobby Level

New! USB C to A Adapter by Purist Audio Design
Have a device with only USB-C ports? Purist Audio Design’s USB line now includes a USB-C to A adapter. All USB cable adapters are specifically designed for computer audio applications. We build by hand from the ground up, with low impedance and hi-quality, custom shielding. From your home server to your mobile listening station, Purist Audio Design connects you to the music and has for over 30 years.
New! Impresa Silver Headphone Cable by Purist Audio Design
Text: Our new, Impresa Silver headphone cable achieves a mere 0.0213 O/m resistance and a capacitance of 20 pF/FT for a quicker release and a more transparent and true, airy sound! We have also carefully sourced and worked with companies like Furutech and Neutrik for the connectors to provide the highest quality and most sonically revealing cable possible. The Impresa Silver offers increased clarity with more focus and transparency, perfect for today’s high-end headphones!
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