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MartinLogan to Demonstrate Renaissance ESL 15A Electrostatic Speakers at RMAF 2017 — Room 1107, Summit Tower

MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A with Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems and AudioQuest

MartinLogan will be demonstrating the Renaissance ESL 15A ($24,995/pair US MSRP) powered using a Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems Progression Premplifier with optional DAC module and a Progression Stereo Amplifier. Power management will be provided by Stromtank S5000 and S2500 Battery Power Sources. Cabling, provided by AudioQuest, will include speaker, interconnect, and power cables from their Diamond, Meteor, Fire, Tornado, NRG, and JitterBug Series. The audio equipment will be housed in a rack provided by HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems). Members of MartinLogan’s sales team will be on hand providing demonstrations and answering questions.

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MartinLogan to Demonstrate Neolith Electrostatic Speakers at RMAF 2017 — Crestone Peak Room, Lobby Level

MartinLogan Neolith with Musical Surroundings and MIT

Musical Surroundings will be using the MartinLogan Neolith ($79,995/pair US MSRP) to demonstrate three of their turntable systems at various price points. The first features the Clearaudio Master Innovation with a top-of-the-line linear arm and Goldfinger cartridge retailing for $92,500 (US MSRP). The second system retails for $17,250 (US MSRP) and features the AMG Giro turntable, and the DS Audio DS-002 Optical cartridge. The third, featuring the new Clearaudio Concept Black turntable and tonearm with a Hana SL, and the new Musical Surroundings SuperNova III phono stage, comes in at $7,550 (US MSRP).  The MartinLogan Neolith will be powered using an Audio Research Reference preamplifier and phono stage driving their most powerful Reference 750 SE monoblock amplifiers along with an Audio Research compact disc player/DAC. Cabling will be provided by MIT (Music Interface Technologies), rack by HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems), and acoustical treatments from ASC Tube Traps.

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Paradigm to Showcase Persona 3F at RMAF 2017 — Room 9007, Summit Tower

Paradigm Persona 3F at RMAF 2017

Paradigm’s Persona line was released in late 2016 and has been praised by reviewers and audiophiles. The flagship Persona 9H received a 2017 CES Innovation Award, as well as a Golden Ear Award 2017 from The Absolute Sound. Developed over five years, this flagship lineup, entirely designed, engineered, and Crafted in Canada, provides an unprecedented level of realism and transparency. One of the keys to Persona is the use of Beryllium, the absolute best diaphragm material, typically found only in speakers costing considerably more. Specifically formulated to be exponentially stiffer and significantly lighter than other premium diaphragm materials, beryllium enables superior transient response and virtual transparency, with low audible coloration.

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Anthem to Debut Flagship Stereo Products at RMAF 2017 — Room 9007, Summit Tower

Anthem STR Preamplifier and STR Power Amplifier at RMAF 2017

Announced in September at CEDIA 2017, RMAF will mark the debut of the STR Preamplifier and STR Power Amplifier—the first-time members of the public have had an opportunity to hear these powerful new 2-channel components.

The STR Preamplifier offers robust connection options, advanced control, and refinements in a single, easy-to-use component which includes a rare feature in stereo components — automatic room equalization and bass management in the form of highly effective Anthem Room Correction (ARC™). Packed with functions such as USB audio input, leading-edge D/A conversion, customizable bass manager for seamless integration with mono or stereo sub outputs, MM and MC phono inputs, the STR Preamplifier offers far more than the average preamplifier. It also provides balanced output for all channels including two subwoofers. The Home Theater Bypass function which allows convenient operation when combined with a home theater system is also unconventional in that which takes effect when the unit is in standby while supporting two subwoofers as well as the fronts through XLR and RCA connection.

The STR Power Amplifier is the smartly designed keystone to a world-class two-channel sound system, doling out 400 Watts per channel into 8 ohms with both driven, with continuous 2-ohm capability of 800 W per channel for true no-holds-barred performance with the most demanding musical content and speakers.  Each channel gets its own toroidal transformer and sixteen bipolar output devices to deliver a continuous and reliable supply of pure, clean low noise power. The input stage, a proprietary input topology and unique departure from commonly used circuits, consists of a complementary active-load cascoded feedback arrangement for reduced distortion, exceptionally linear response, and superior bandwidth.

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Woo Audio Announces: WA33 Elite Edition & Launch partner of MYSPHERE 3.1 headphones — Room 6007, Summit Tower

– Experience the all-new Woo Audio WA33 Elite Edition fully balanced 2A3 tube headphone amplifier/preamplifier paired with world-class headphones from STAX Japan, HiFiMan, Focal, ABYSS headphones and much more. See Woo Audio in room 6000 AND 6007 on the 6th floor for an unforgettable listening experience.
– Woo Audio is pleased to be the official launch partner of MYSPHERE 3.1 headphones. The roots of MYSPHERE 3.1 go back to the legendary flagship headphone K1000 of AKG, introduced to the market in 1989. Two outstanding acoustic engineers are associated with the history of the K1000 will be on hand to debut the new headphone and answer questions. See Woo Audio and the MYSHERE 3.1 team in room 6007 on the 6th floor and be the first to experience the new headphone.
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Audio Den is Pleased to Announce the U.S. Debut of the Thrax Audio Ares and Enyo Modular Audiophile Systems — Lupine Room, Lobby Level

Audio Den will be showcasing Thrax Audio’s New Modular Audiophile Systems.

The Ares is a multi-bit DAC, an Upsampler, a Network Player, a Phono Preamplifier and two mono powered 100 watt/ch amplifiers in a single chassis.  Separate power supplies are provided to independently power both the digital and analog circuits.  Each unit is designed to work with the other in the most optimal way.  

The Enyo is a multi-bit DAC, an Upsampler, a Network Player,  a Phono Preamplifier and two fully-balanced 60 watts/ch vacuum tube power amplifiers in a single chassis.  Separate power supplies are provided for both the digital and analog circuits .  Again, each modular unit is designed to work optimally with the other components.

The modularity of both the Ares and Enyo Audiophile Systems allows components to remain current and grow as new technologies become available.

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Presented by Well Pleased AV: Qln is back! — Room 4009, Summit Tower

Qln is back!

The Swedish ”cult” speaker brand Qln is back in the USA and will make its first appearance at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, Colorado, 6-8 October.

Qln started in 1977 and were from the early 80’s active in Europe, North America and the Far East. The years 2003-2012 the Qln brand was owned by another company.

Well Pleased AV will be debuting the QLN Signature 3 reference monitor in room 4009 (Summit Tower) along with electronics from Audio-Hungary, aqua – acoustic quality, and Innuos.

The Qln Signature 3 incorporates over three decades of speaker research, development, design and construction. It carries the legacy of a timeless combination of form and performance re-engineered to provide an unprecedented high-end compact 2-way audio transducer. With truly enticing audio reproduction without any impediment or compromise, the Signature 3 is form and performance in perfect harmony.

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Wilson Benesch Cardinal Premiere with Aaudio Imports — Larkspur Room, Lobby Level

Wilson Benesch will Premiere it’s flagship loudspeaker, Cardinal, at the RMAF courtesy of official US importer Aaudio Imports in the Larkspur Suite on the ground floor. Standing 69″ tall, constructed from carbon fibre composites and precision CNC machined aluminum, the Cardinal loudspeaker is an imposing design. Equipped with 8 Wilson Benesch Tactic II dynamic drive units, plus the companies hybrid silk-carbon fibre dome Semisphere Tweeter in each channel –
Larger stable mate of the new Resolution loudspeaker that launched in Munich & Los Angeles in the Summer 2017, the Cardinal promises to be a show highlight at this years RMAF. 
See Cardinal with Ypsilon’s new Hyperion Mono Amplfiers in the Larkspur Suite, Ground Floor.
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Astell&Kern to Debut Three New Products at RMAF 2017 — CanJam 63-64

Astell&Kern announces three new products – the AK70 MK II, Michelle Limited IEM and AK CD-Ripper MK II.

The Astell&Kern AK70 MK II Is The First Dual DAC Astell&Kern Player Available for Under $1,000.

The Michelle Limited is the latest In-Ear Monitor collaboration between Astell&Kern and Jerry Harvey Audio.

The new AK CD-Ripper MK II is the perfect accessory to simply and easily digitize and add your entire CD collection to your Astell&Kern portable hi-res audio player.  Simply connect the ripper to your Astell&Kern player and CDs will be ripped as FLAC or Wave files with full metadata such as album title, artist, genre and album art.

All three products will be available in October 2017 and make their official US debut at RMAF 2017 in Astell&Kern’s booth CanJam 63-64.

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Wax Stacks Show Special! — Room 3032, Summit Tower & LOBBY 12

Mention your a friend of Marjorie and receive 10% off any crates picked up at the show and 5% off any crates we ship for you. We will have plenty of crates in stock including a handful or 2 for 1 B-stock (mechanically perfect, cosmetically less perfect). Find us in the lobby just outside the ballrooms.
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