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NAGRA HD DAC X Rocks the RMAF in Denver — Room 1030, Summit Tower

The HD DAC X rocks the RMAF in Denver

Nagra’s most ambitious D/A converter ever!

The HD DAC has set new standards in terms of analog like reproduction. It has been acclaimed as the “Everest of Audio” by the French magazine Haute Fidélité and has received numerous awards around the globe. It is used daily in mastering studio and at many lucky customers’ houses. So it took a lot of energy and dedication to improve this design. The new territories discovered during the HD PREAMP design opened new opportunity in mechanical vibration control and damping, ultra-low noise power supplies, dual mono construction, a whole new digital core. The result is a just out of this world performance that makes the HD DAC X the natural partner for the HD PREAMP and HD AMP.

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SOUNDSMITH Sets a New Sonic Bar with the ES Series — Rooms 577 & 582, Front Range 5

“Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.” – Peter Ledermann.

This year’s RMAF show is the launch of Soundsmith’s new ES series of cartridges, where the attendees can experience the latest exploration into overlooked areas of cartridge design. The ES line features not only a dramatic new look, but is a significant evolution of the DEMS system design (Dynamic Energy Management System). The new Soundsmith ES cartridge designs are a significant advancement in cartridge performance due to their ability to direct internal vibrational forces without reflection and disperse them properly to the tone arm. The absence of reflections enables the stylus to stay in far greater statistical contact with the groove walls — a critically important technical refinement. Increased liquidity and reduced “grain,” without loss of detail are some of the immediately discernible advantages of Soundsmith’s new ES models. The new line also features Azimuth adjustment built-in to each cartridge. Every cartridge will now feature a sleek aluminum body which also allows azimuth adjustment when used in tonearms that do not permit it. The upgrade is far more than cosmetic; the new shape is a departure from the reflective and “boxy” design of many cartridges whose internal construction contribute to uncontrolled vibrational issues adversely effecting performance. Peter says, “Think of how singing in an open field compares with singing in a shower.” Soundsmith has always challenged conventions, looking deeper into nuances of cartridge design that dramatically affect immediate and long term performance. These have included extreme reductions of moving mass and the use of novel materials and designs. The new ES lineup is a continuation of that research and development.

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KLIPSCH Debuts Updated La Scala AL5 Speaker and Offers Giveaway and Specials — Rooms 9014 & 9017, Summit Tower & CANJAM 8

Originally designed for professional use in 1963, the fully horn-loaded, three way Klipsch La Scala generates 105 decibels of sound pressure, delighting listeners while using modest amplifier power.

The new La Scala AL5 features a new 1” tweeter and Tractrix horn to extend output of high frequencies beyond 20kHz, an updated crossover network with AudioQuest internal wiring, and a redesigned input panel and cable management system.

A redesigned high frequency cabinet has been increased to a 1” thickness, ensuring a more rigid enclosure that reduces resonance, and creating a waterfall appearance in the wood veneers between the high and low frequency cabinets. The Klipsch La Scala AL5 is available in three real wood finishes – natural cherry, satin black ash, and American Walnut. It features a retro-style silver luster grille cloth complementing each wood veneer, and a nostalgic script cast zinc logo.

As with the entire Klipsch Heritage series, the La Scala AL5 speakers are designed and handcrafted in the USA. Each speaker is grain-matched using wood veneer panels from the same timber, resulting in a speaker pair that is virtually indistinguishable from the other.

The Klipsch La Scala A5 (US MSRP is $4,999 each) will be available in November 2018 through Certified Heritage Dealers.

Klipsch RMAF/CanJam Show Specials and Product Giveaway

Klipsch®, a tech-driven audio company, is pleased to announce an exclusive contest for RMAF attendees with the opportunity for one winner to receive their choice of Heritage HP-3 Headphones, Heresy III, or RP-8000F.

To enter the contest, attendees should share a photo of Klipsch on display at RMAF via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tag @KlipschAudio. One winner will be announced on Sunday, October 7th.

Klipsch will also be offering show pricing on RMAF display units including the Forte III, Heresy III, Heritage Theater Bar, RF7 III, RP-8000F, and C-310ASWi.

Visit Klipsch at CanJam and in Room #9014 and #9017 for purchase details.

For additional information, please contact:
Jill Escol | Sr. Director of Communications

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BLACK CAT CABLE Launches Coppertone Series — Atrium 10

Black Cat Cable announces the launch of its entry-level line of handcrated cables: Coppertone.

The COPPERTONE Interconnect ($199.95 @ 1.0mpr + $50 per additional 1/2mpr) is an air-dielectric coaxial design employing a helically-disposed shield around a thin-walled Teflon tube. Inside the tube is our unique Nami-processed bare copper conductor (24awg soldi core). Nami is our process that forms a sinusoidal “wave” shape into the conductor, allowing it to remain substantially suspended in air for exceedingly low capacitance and high velocity. Terminated with REAN RCA connectors. (RCA only)

The COPPERTONE Speaker Cable ($299.95 @ 2.5mpr +/- $50 per 1/2mpr) is a “tube-within-a-tube” coaxial arrangement of tin-plated copper disposed in helically-lain thin tubes separated by a multifilament nylon braided insulator. Each pole consists of 144 strands @ 36awg/each resulting in a summed conductor area of ca: 1.83mm2 (equivalent to roughly 14.5 AWG). This arrangement allows the Coppertone speaker cable to exhibit low inductance, low skin-effect, low proximity-effect, and low series-resistance. Terminated with banana plugs.

The COPPERTONE USB Cable ($149.95 @ 1.0m + $50 per additional 1/2m) is a traditional USB cable consisting of a twsited pair of data-lines, a power line, a ground line all within a multi-layered complex of shields to limit leakage and reduce noise. Terminated with USB A + USB B connectors.

All COPPERTONE cables are manufactured from raw materials and fashioned into cable-forms in our Cumming, GA workshop using our custom machinery, unique processes, and expert skills – making the entry-level prices outrageously unique for small-batch, artisanal audio products.


Chris Sommovigo
PH: +1 404 932 6337 (cell)

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JERRY HARVEY AUDIO Showcases New Designs and Full Lineup, Along with Discount and Giveaways — CANJAM 72, 73

JHAudio to Showcase New Concepts for Their Universal Comfort Fit Shell

JHAudio will be showcasing a new line of leather goods, their full line up of Signature Designs Artwork and new concepts for their universal comfort fit shell.


JHAudio and Astell&Kern have teamed up for two giveaways at RMAF:

Special Edition Universal JH13v2Pro, that features the brand new comfort shell design, perfectly coordinated and paired with the Astell & Kern AK70 MKII
Special Edition Universal Roxanne, that features the brand new comfort shell design, perfectly coordinated and paired with the AK KANN
These IEMs were specifically designed to be reminiscent of the JHA Signature Designs and complement the AK70 MKII and KANN. One of each design made.

Visit JHAudio and AK booths at CanJam to enter!

Show Specials

JHAudio will be offering up to 20% off IEMs, see their booth for details.

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PANGEA AUDIO to Exhibit Superior, Performance-Improving, High Value Audio Accessories — 7000 & 2001, Summit Tower

Pangea Audio Sonic Saucers Shield Floors from Damage While Improving Performance of Rack Systems and Floorstanding Speakers: Now Available in Two Sizes

Sonic Saucers Isolation Discs provide two simultaneous benefits by improving sound while protecting furniture and floors. Available in both 1” and 1.5” sizes at $19.95 and $29.95, respectively, the smooth machined bottom of the Saucer evenly distributes weight over a larger area to speaker spikes, racks, and stands will not cause damage to floors and carpets. In addition, unwanted floor vibrations are prevented from reaching a component rack. Every saucer supports up to 100 lbs.
Pangea Audio Sonic Saucers, which are sold four to a package, are available in black or brass finish.
For additional information about Pangea Audio Sonic Saucers, click here.

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Ergonomically Superior Pangea Audio Clean Sweep Record Brush Removes Deeply Buried Down Dirt from the Filthiest Vinyl to Be Debuted at RMAF

Pangea’s new Clean Sweep Record Brush (SRP: $19.95) cleans records and dramatically improves sonics while protecting styli by removing deeply embedded dirt from grooves. Ultra-fine bristles clear away dust and other contaminants, no matter if it is used dry or with cleaning fluid. More than 260,000 0.05mm-diameter bristles are designed for stability and are safe to use with most commercially available cleaning liquids.
Pangea designed the Clean Sweep Record Brush for a natural fit that feels good in the hand, with attention to ergonomics that make it the most comfortable and easy to use brush on the market.

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Pangea Premier SE Phono Cable Improves Performance on Turntables at Every Level

Pangea Audio, developer and manufacturer of high performance, high value audio accessories, now offers a new step-up phono cable that offers a demonstrable difference in sonic output when used with the majority of currently available turntables, no matter if they are reference-quality or entry level.
The Pangea Premier SE Phono Cable (MSRP: $79.95), which will be featured at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in room 7000, is a 1.25m step-up RCA-to-RCA cable manufactured with audiophile-grade components, yet it is priced for easy accessibility to the growing numbers of vinyl enthusiasts who are investing in new systems.
With design and engineering by Jay Victor, a product designer specializing in all manner of audio hardware, headphones, cables, and accessories, the Premier SE cable, which consists of Left & Right channels , as well as a clever integrated ground cable, covered in nylon covered TPR (thermoplastic rubber) rugged insulation, builds upon standard cable design with several important upgrades.

For additional information about the Pangea Premier SE Phono Cable, click here.

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About Pangea Audio Distributing, LLC
Pangea Audio Distributing, LLC is dedicated to bringing the world sensible audio at sensible prices. From cables to audio furniture, all Pangea Audio models represent the ideal combination of style, value, and reliability. For more information, see .

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ENJOY THE MUSIC.COM an Industry Leader and Generous Sponsor of 15th Annual RMAF

Enjoy the, high-end audio’s longtime online industry leader in providing industry news, gear reviews, and show reports is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest’s (RMAF) opening night industry / press festivities plus all event seminars. For well over 20 years, Enjoy the has been a major resource for information about the high-end audio industry and high resolution / streaming music on the Internet.

Enjoy the is delighted to celebrate Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest’s very special 15th annual exhibition. RMAF is the largest fall season consumer audio and home entertainment show open to the general public within the United States. Enjoy the has reported on RMAF right from the beginning and for each of its past 15 years and is truly overjoyed to further support the industry in celebrating RMAF’s very special 15th annual event!

“The Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest couldn’t be more excited to have Enjoy the as a principle sponsor for the 15th edition of RMAF,” said Marjorie Baumert, President of the RMAF. “Enjoy the, led by Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin, is an inspiring and tireless advocate for the high-end audio industry. Their year-in and year-out coverage of the show circuit is unparalleled and highlights the true beauty of the audiophile experience. Steven could not be a more gracious advocate for the industry and a better partner for RMAF.”

“Starting with their first show in 2004, over the years RMAF has provided an exciting venue that has attracted tens of thousands of visitors and earned critical acclaim within many hi-fi publications from around the world,” said Enjoy the’s Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin. “High-end audio manufacturers, distributors, and retailers continue to come back each year to showcase their finest high fidelity audio gear while meeting with music lovers and press members from around the globe. It brings us joy to see and hear many impressive classic tube audio amplifiers, the latest in digital audio technologies, plus both large and small loudspeakers, hi-fi accessories, tweaks, cables, vinyl LPs, digital discs, etc, which are proudly featured by exhibitors at RMAF.”

“Our longstanding goal at Enjoy the is to educate and inform music enthusiasts so they may feel an authentic listening experience as the artists intended,” says Steven R. Rochlin. “We’re also truly proud to support the ‘show within a show’ as HeadFi’s CanJam Denver also takes place during RMAF. Our sponsorship of both the opening industry / press celebration and all seminars continues our supporting the industry’s efforts in strengthening the reach of high-end audio and personal audio products to a global audience, while also educating newfound music lovers to the many benefits in high-end audio. Seminars are especially important, and well attended, as music enthusiasts learn about new industry developments while also having the opportunity to ask questions to session panelists.”

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AUDIO-TECHNICA to Exhibit its Latest Wireless, Noise-Cancelling and Flagship ATH-ADX5000 Headphones and More at RMAF — CANJAM 37

Audio-Technica will be showcasing a variety of its latest high-performance wireless, noise-cancelling and other headphones at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018. Product highlights include the following:

The new Sound Reality ATH-SR50BT wireless over-ear headphones combine the freedom of cord-free listening with Audio-Technica’s latest advancements in Bluetooth® technology. The ATH-SR50BT (SRP: $199.00) features large-diameter 45 mm drivers, a noise-reduction mode, the new AT Connect app for iOS and Android devices, extended battery life and more.

Audio-Technica’s new ATH-MSR7b (SRP: $249.00) over-ear high-resolution headphones offer significant improvements from the acclaimed ATH-MSR7. The Hi-Res Audio-capable ATH-MSR7b incorporates newly-designed 45 mm True Motion Drivers, balanced audio connectivity, a more comfortable design and other upgrades.

The ATH-ANC700BT QuietPoint® over-ear wireless active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones utilizes ANC technology that operates in a wider frequency range in the low through midrange frequencies than typical ANC designs, for a significant advancement in noise-cancelling performance and audio quality (US$199.00).

The flagship ATH-ADX5000 over-ear headphones are the finest ever created by Audio-Technica. The ATH-ADX5000 (US$1,999.00) features the company’s patent-pending Core Mount Technology (CMT) and other refinements for superlative Hi-Res Audio reproduction.

These and other products will be demonstrated at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in the CanJam area at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, 4900 S. Syracuse St, Denver, CO, October 5 – 7, 2018.

For more information or to schedule a booth appointment please contact:
Frank Doris/Public Relations • 631.645.5668 •

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Woo Audio is thrilled to introduce the all-new WA11 PASSPORT – a fully-balanced (4.4mm Pentaconn), solid-state, battery-operated, pocketable headphone amplifier and DAC featuring USB-C connectivity.  WA11 PASSPORT is a class-leading portable headphone amplifier capable of driving the most power demanding headphones. Be the first to see and hear this compact engineering marvel at our booth at CanJam RMAF. As a thank YOU for coming out to see us at CanJam RMAF, attendees will receive a special 10% OFF coupon code at our booth which can be used on any Woo Audio products.

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TECHNICS and J-CORDER Debut New Products — Room 1007, Summit Tower

1) Technics reveals the New Premium Class OTTAVA™ S SC-C50 – Room 1007

A new compact speaker system with an elegant wireless style produces a remarkably wide soundstage. Room calibration technology also allows free speaker placement, and highly diverse network reproduction is supported for an advanced wireless music experience.

2) J-Corder debuts the Technics RS-777*2 R2R Cassette Deck Combo – Room 1007

We have taken the super rare 777 and made it even better, adding a beautiful multi-function spectrum display, many colorful lights, meters and a fully operational cassette deck. With this unique first-of-a-kind J-Corder creation, you can make your own compilation R2R and cassette tapes at the same time. Why? Because we can!

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