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PERIODIC AUDIO Announces Completion of Nickel Amplifier — CANJAM 67

Periodic Audio is proud to announce that FINALLY, after too much wait and fights with GSM and RF interference, the Nickel Amplifier is completed and about ready to enter production! The RF interference issue has been solved, and Periodic Audio now has the smallest, highest-power pocketable amplifier on the market. It is the size of a 9V battery, up to half a Watt of power per channel, and completely rechargeable. This is an all analog solution – analog in, analog out. With its compact and lightweight design, the Nickel amp exemplifies portable convenience and makes all headphones shine!

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ZMF HEADPHONES Showing Two New Headphones — CANJAM 16 & 17, Room 2003, Summit Tower

ZMF Headphones will be showing 2 new headphone models at RMAF this year! Vérité is an open-back Beryllium headphone that has the fastest response, lowest distortion and lightest weight of any ZMF headphone to date. Aeolus is also an open headphone and a descendant of our popular closed back model, Atticus. Aeolus offers the same warm inviting sound as the Atticus with a more spacious soundstage, linearity, and greater sonic extension. ZMF will also have The Pendant, a new tube amp, built in collaboration with ampsandsound on hand for demo.

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PURIST AUDIO DESIGN Connects Listeners to the Music with New Designs — Conifer 3

Looking for quality sound? Our completely redesigned AC Power Extension features only the quietest, passive dampening to limit any mechanical vibration. In our design, we included resonator tubes to remove any noise and interference. The internal wiring features the best we have to offer, and employs the same technology as our highest quality cable lines, including the multi-award-winning Dominus.

Our new, 30th Anniversary Diamond USB comes with gold-plated connectors and passive filtering to remove audio impurities. In addition, we’ve improved signal isolation between power and data, resulting in a sonically superior USB that will truly bring out the music in your high end computer audio system. Our USB even works to the full five meters without a loss in signal strength, which is not true of all cables.

Let us connect you to the music.

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AURENDER and EIKON AUDIO Present a Weekend of Bespoke Digital Audio —

With shared commitment to advancing the state of digital audio entertainment, Aurender and Eikon Audio will partner in Rooms 8010 and 8014 of the Denver Marriot Tech Center during the 2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Together, they will harmoniously create an intelligent yet intuitive system showcasing each company’s latest advancements to simplify the delivery of high-resolution music.

“There is great synergy between the companies—we are both in the business of enhancing the wellness of one’s self through the enjoyment of music,” said John-Paul Lizars, Director of Sales and Marketing for Aurender America. “And the Eikon Image1 system perfectly complements Aurender music servers in terms of both audio performance and a simplified user experience. For example, the featured Aurender ACS10 Content Server combines the functions of music server / streamer, CD ripping, NAS-style storage, library management and metadata editing, all in one simple-to-use audio component.”

“Our mission is to provide a versatile, sophisticated system solution, removing the guesswork to simply deliver the music, optimized specifically for its environment,” said Gayle Sanders, founder of Eikon Audio. “Aurender’s music servers help Eikon accomplish that by providing an exceptionally resolved audio source.”

Designed by Gayle Sanders, the Image1 hi-res music system incorporates multiple mono-block amplifier stages along with state-of-the-art drivers, housed in a proprietary inert, constrained-layer cabinet system.

The included digital controller/powerful 56-bit DSP processor, called Eikontrol, features advanced time and frequency tailored room correction via wavelet-based impulse response analysis, along with high resolution A/D and D/A conversion and direct digital inputs, speaker driver phase and time correction, precision digital crossovers and apodizing digital filtration. The system is easily accessed and controlled from any smartphone, tablet, etc. (iOS/Android), and controls all basic preamp functions as well as multiple customized settings.

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Britain’s LEEMA ACOUSTICS Exhibits a Wide Range of New Products — Room 6013, Summit Tower

Leema Acoustics, the Welsh-based manufacturer of high-performance audio products founded by two ex-BBC sound engineers will be exhibiting a wide range of newly announced products, including the new Sirius streaming music server, new Tucana II Anniversary Edition integrated and more.

Sirius streaming music server ($5,250); Tucana II Anniversary Edition integrated amplifier ($6,550); Pulse IV integrated amplifier with High Res DAC and MM/MC phono stage ($3,000); Elements CD player (half-width), ($1,850).
WHERE: Leema Acoustics at RMAF Room 6013, Summit Tower Level 6
CONTACT(S): Leema Acoustics +44 (0)1938 555791
(PR) Dan George: +44 (0)7899 808918

Leema Acoustics is an internationally respected manufacturer of high-performance audio products founded by two ex-BBC sound engineers. Leema products are proudly hand-made in Wales using UK- and European-sourced components.
Founded in 1998, Leema Acoustics’ unique design processes, fanatical attention to detail and pursuit of accurate sound reproduction have seen the company win numerous press accolades in recent times. Today’s Leema Acoustics incorporates the latest technology into a product range that covers electronics, loudspeakers and cables, delivering complete high-performance audio solutions to consumers, with the benefits of expert design, UK hand-assembly and local component sourcing YouTube biography. For more information, click here.

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BELIEVE HIGH FIDELITY Debuts a Bevy of New Designs — Rooms 2014 & 6018, Summit Tower

Believe High Fidelity will be debuting for the first time in North America the Top Wing Cartridges. Top Wing has designed an entirely new technology for phono cartridges called Coreless Straight Flux. You can hear this amazing technology on the best audio components in the following rooms:

2014: Top Wing Suzaku “Red Sparrow”
6018: Top Wing Seiryu “Blue Dragon”


Believe High Fidelity, a purveyor of Bespoke Ultra High End Products, is proud to announce the North American Debut of Primary Control Analog Designs. Primary Control offers full custom bespoke designs from tonearms to turntables. Options includes tonearm length, special finishes like Snakewood and curly birch to name a few, and many more.

Come to room 2014 to hear the Reference Tonearm and Kinea Direct Drive Turntable.


Believe High Fidelity, a purveyor of Bespoke Ultra High End Products, is proud to announce the North American Debut of Torqueo Audio. Torqueo Audio is the swiss watch of turntable design. Using a ground up T34 Idler drive motor wrapped in the most luxurious Italian styling is a feast for the ears and eyes. Designs can be compact using an outboard base so you can use multiple arms.

Come to room 2014 to see the Zebrano Compact Idler Turntable


Believe High Fidelity, a purveyor of Bespoke Ultra High End Products, is proud to announce the North American Debut of the Aries Cerat Genus. A 140lb Integrated SET Amplifier producing 25W (40W peak) of the purest, most natural Class A sound you have ever heard. Aries Cerat makes the most advanced, no compromise electronic designs to date and this is your opportunity to hear why.

Come to room 2014 to hear the Aries Cerat Genus

Believe High Fidelity, a purveyor of Bespoke Ultra High End Products, is offering the ultimate promotion just for RMAF attendees in room 2014. For any purchase of the following get a free Echo Diastasis PH-79 phonostage for free!! (a $3,995.00 value, while supplies last)

Eligible products include:

Top Wing Phono Cartridges
Torqueo Audio Turntable
Primary Control Turntable
Aries Cerat Electronics

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RMAF, Newvelle Records and Nordost Present: Dave Douglas & Elan Mehler with John Gunther @ The Hilton Garden Inn, Saturday, October 6

Nordost is thrilled to bring Rocky Mountain Audio Fest attendees a live music experience that is not to be missed on Saturday, October 6 at 2 pm or 6:30 pm.
The concert will be the debut of a new jazz ensemble, featuring accomplished and acclaimed musicians who will be performing some never-before heard works from Dave Douglas as well as music from Elan Mehler’s Newvelle release, “Piano Noir”. The quintet will dance between intersections of style and genre, making for a unique mix of jazz and folk music, poetry and improvisation, prose and composition.

Learn more about PianoNoir.

Get more details about the concerts.

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CLEAR TUNE MONITORS Presents New Da Vinci Series Ear Monitors and IEM Cable Lines — CANJAM 48

Da Vinci Series, the new 9- and 10- driver audiophile-grade Universal Fit In Ear Monitors by CTM, is ready to go!

Finally ready to ship is the new top of the line DaVinci Series universal fit in-ear monitor line. With 9- and 10-driver models, they are designed to give an unprecedented listening experience with sound quality that until now was only dreamed of. Inspired by the vision, drawings and inventions of the genius Leonardo da Vinci, the external design of these monitors has a mechanical but smooth appearance, industrial but at the same time subtle and modern, giving real clues of what’s enclosed within: exquisite elegance with unique resistance and durability. And to complement the Da Vinci’s exquisite sound, every set comes with a 4-Wire Hybrid Silver/Copper Premium Cable with 2.5mm connector besides the standard 3.5mm cable. For more information click here.

CTM proudly presents the new IEM PREMIUM Cable line, featuring 8- and 4- wire Copper, Silver and Hibryd Braided cables:

One of the greatest things CTM is bringing to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 is the New PREMIUM IEM Cable Line. Outstanding looks and the highest quality materials will definitely make listeners hear a revelation. For the first time in almost 10 years of uninterrupted In-Ear monitor work, CTM decided it was time to make its very own High-End audio conductors. They are the result of lots of knowledge and experience but also researching and shared experiences with Audiophiles, Sound Engineers, Musicians and other ears with exquisite taste. With Copper, Hybrid Copper/Silver and Silver as materials, 4-Wire and 8-wire as gauge choices, and a choice of 2.5mm, 3.5mm or 4.4mm connectors, there’s one Premium Cable that meets anyone’s needs. For more information click here.

Meet the new Accesory IEM Cables: a redesigned new standard cable, a wireless connection cable and a Smartphone cable with mic by CTM.

Great news! Now IEMs and CIEMs can be a part of every day thanks to our new Accesory Cables. CTM has redesigned and very much improoved its Standard Cable. More flexible and durable thanks to its new angled connectors. Braided wires that help prevent unwanted twists and fractures. And a stronger and firmer Y-split to adjust your monitors way tighter and safer to heads. For more information click here.

CTM’s new Smartphone Cable is a great option for listeners to enjoy beloved CTM sound in calls and other devices. Thanks to its Smartphone control with mic, it is possible to answer and hang-up calls, control volume, play/pause music and more! For more information click here.

And last but not least, there’s the Wireless Connection cable. With 5.0 BT technology, this awesome cable allows connection to up to 2 devices, working with a 10m range and for up to 10 hours! Music, phone, gaming, PC and more. For more information click here.

With all these options, Clear Tune Monitor users will never miss an opportunity, whether onstage or off, to make all of their days sound really great!

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LEGACY AUDIO to Showcase Latest Home Theater Products at RMAF 2018 — Evergreen A

In addition to Legacy’s world renowned tower speakers with cutting-edge DSP, experience a special showcase of Legacy’s latest high performance surrounds & on-walls, center channels and subwoofers in Evergreen A at RMAF 2018. The Pixel, Deco, Silhouette and Phantom HD are elegant on/in wall solutions that can be customized to feel at home in any décor. The NEW Marquis XD center offers the piston area to do the center channel the way it should be done. Legacy’s Foundation & Metro XD subwoofers rock with the best of them and offer unprecedented value in compact designs.

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BENCHMARK’s HPA4 Flagship Reference Headphone Amplifier Is New for RMAF — Rooms 1000 & 8007, Summit Tower & CANJAM 32

Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. and THX, Ltd. have partnered to introduce the Benchmark HPA4 headphone/line amplifier featuring THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (AAA™) technology, reducing harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortion by 20 to 40 dB to guarantee a realistic and fatigue-free listening experience.

Featuring the flagship THX-888 amplifier design, the revolutionary HPA4 headphone amplifier incorporates the same THX AAA technology that Benchmark uses in the AHB2 power amplifier. The HPA4 delivers sonic perfection. Hear the music without any contamination from electronic noise or distortion. The HPA4 delivers power, audio fidelity, speed and accuracy over an utterly silent background.

Visit Benchmark in the CanJam room to experience the very finest in headphone listening.

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