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HARMONIC RESOLUTION SYSTEMS — Room 589, Front Range 5; Crestone Peak; Rooms 7007, 1103 & 4025 Summit Tower

The new HRS E1 Isolation Base makes its debut at RMAF 2018!

You can find the new E1 Isolation Base at the Denver Marriott Tech Center being featured in Room 4025.

“The E1 Isolation Base is for customers who want true HRS performance in a very cost effective design configuration. The E1 uses the same primary isolation stage technology found in our more expensive isolation base models combined with a completely new plinth construction. The all new HRS developed constrained layer damping plinth provides excellent performance and unique value for our customers.” –Michael Latvis, Chief Engineer, Harmonic Resolution Systems

The E1 Isolation Base is a highly innovative design that eliminates noise revealing a new level of musical performance. It is manufactured from four different materials including a proprietary resonance control stage, billet machined aircraft quality aluminum front trim and a new HRS constrained layer damping resin composite plinth. The E1 load range is matched to the component weight for maximum performance using the same technology found in our very high performance reference level designs. The E1 can also be modified in the future to adjust for different component weights and different component types.

Price: $995.00 USD per base. Available colors: Black, Silver

The entire line of isolation base models as well as the HRS RXR and SXR Audio Stands are also being featured this year at RMAF and can be found in the following rooms: 4025, 7007, 1103, 589, 1007, Crestone Peak and Ponderosa.

Please click here for more information regarding the new E1 Isolation Base and our entire line of high end audio products!

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RAIDHO ACOUSTICS & SCANSONIC HD Product Premieres — Room 1028, Summit Tower


North-American premiere of the new Raidho TD 4.8

The new TD4.8 features a completely new range of drivers.

The woofers and midrange drivers features a new type of voice-coil and suspension.
Our world-famous ribbon Tweeter has been improved in terms of resolution and sensitivity.

– Linear to 20Hz, with both agility and high resolution
– Distortion has been further lowered
– The tweeter premieres a greatly improved magnet and back-chamber design
– Sensitivity is as high as 90dB
– The enclosure has internally been flow-optimized

You will be able to listen to the TD-4.8 on the following hours:

Friday 5th: From 3 pm to 6 pm
Saturday 6th: From 1 pm to 6 pm
Sunday 7th: From 1 pm to 4 pm

For more information click here.


Scansonic HD

World Premiere – the brand new Scansonic HD MB-B Series

The new MB-5B is more than just an optimized version of the old MB-5 model.

Except from the elegant and stylish exterior looks, basically everything in the MB-5B is new.

– New drivers
– New flow-optimized enclosure
– Minimalistic use of damping material
– Brand new linear phase crossover design

You will be able to listen to the MB-5B on the following hours:

Friday 5th: From 12 pm to 3 pm
Saturday 6th: From 9 am to 1 pm
Sunday 7th: From 10 am to 1 pm

For more information click here.

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PS AUDIO at RMAF 2018! — Spruce 1

PS Audio is proud to be exhibiting at the 15th annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, October 5-7, in the Spruce 1 suite, directly behind show registration on the first floor of the Denver Marriott Tech Center hotel.

Arnie Nudell, our longtime friend and mentor, founder of both Infinity Systems and Genesis Technologies, spent the last decade of his life refining and tuning a pair of prototype loudspeakers that were his final, and perhaps greatest work. More compact than the legendary Infinity IRS, Arnie’s prototypes utilize dual servo-controlled woofers, a mid-bass coupler, a ribbon line source for the midrange, and a line source of spiral ribbon tweeters for the high end.

Those lucky enough to have heard the speakers in his home—hand tuned and blessed by the master—were always in awe of its transparency and effortless presentation of music that seemed to float in space, as if the orchestra was right there in the room. Certainly, the system was not without its failings: it was designed as a single person setup—the classic head in a vise syndrome. It required listeners to be in the far field, and it demanded a good size room. Its dual servo-controlled woofers would often kick a 20 amp breaker just keeping up.

But under the right circumstance, this was a magical system. Its core design parameters will become the basis of a new line of Arnie Nudell speakers PS Audio will launch under our own brand. But, sadly, Arnie’s untimely passing prevented him from seeing this project through to completion.

We are moving forward with the new speaker line which we hope to debut near the end of 2019. Meanwhile, we offer those attending next week’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest a singular chance to experience these magnificent works of art. This system, as pictured above, will be our setup at RMAF. We’ll use as much of Arnie’s original equipment as is practical: NBS, Shunyata, Synergistic Research cabling, BHK and DirectStream electronics, and Genesis servo amplifier. Due to the fact we’re going to have to set this up for a larger audience than one, and we don’t have The Arnold to help us, you won’t get the same experience as The Arnold would have, but you’ll certainly get a taste of what the master himself was up to.

Present during the show will be Arnie’s lifelong friend and colleague, designer of our extraordinary BHK line of electronics, Bascom H. King. PS Audio founder and CEO Paul McGowan will of course also be present. This is your chance to meet BHK and Paul, and hear Arnie Nudell’s final reference system. It’s no exaggeration to say this is a once-in-a -lifetime event.

We welcome the US debut of the extraordinary hi-res streaming service Qobuz. To honor their arrival in America, all music played in the PS room during RMAF will be downloaded from Qobuz and played via Audirvana on a Mac mini.

Playback in the room will be on the following system:
DirectStream Memory Player (DMP) (MSRP $5999, Stereophile Class A+ rated)
DirectStream DAC (MSRP $5999, worldwide Product of the Year award-winner)
BHK Signature preamplifier (MSRP $5999)
BHK Signature 300 mono amplifiers ($14,998/pair)
P20 Power Plant (2 units in use, MSRP $9999 each)
Arnie Nudell’s unnamed prototype speakers (Not for sale: priceless)
—associated gear from Arnie’s personal system

We will also have the following gear on static display:
Stellar Gain Cell preamplifier (MSRP $1699)
Stellar M700 mono amps (MSRP $2998/pair, Stereophile Class A rated)
Stellar Power Plant 300 regenerator (not yet in production, $TBD)
Sprout100 integrated amp/DAC (MSRP $599)

We look forward to meeting with all attendees and members of the media during RMAF:
Friday, October 5th, 10 AM-6 PM (10 AM-Noon, Press only);
Saturday, October 6th, 9 AM-6 PM;
Sunday, October 7th, 10 AM-4 PM.

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SL SPEAKERS Premiers Newest of Legendary Sevens — Room 2018, Summit Tower, Al Stiefel Legacy Room

SL Speakers to premier the newest version of their legendary Sevens, the Super SevenT

Adding a tower version of the classic Super Seven, SL Speakers brings the amazing performance of the Super Seven to a more modern footprint. The tuning of the Super SevenT is modeled after the Active Super Sevens released earlier this year, revising the crossovers of the Super Sevens and adding tuning specific to the tower configuration. A truly full range speaker with response of 29Hz-19kHz (+/-2.5dB) and output north of 115dB, the Super SevenT’s planar ribbons and proprietary Force Balancetm woofer alignment combine to let you experience the fundamentals your music has been missing! For more information click here.(Also available as a kit)

SpeakerLab’s SL Speakers continue the ethos that reaches back to our origin in 1971: build amazing speakers at a great value, and provide kits so DIY audio enthusiasts can create something to call their own! Our speakers are honest, so our small speakers do what small speakers do well, and they don’t pretend to be large speakers, while our large speakers do what large speakers do well, and they don’t pretend to be small! Still built in Seattle, still amazing, and still a great value!

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RAAL-REQUISITE Debuts Groundbreaking Studio Reference SRH-1A “True Ribbon” Headphones — CANJAM 39

RAAL-REQUISITE, leaders in ribbon tweeter and studio microphone technology will introduce their “True-Ribbon”, Studio Reference Headphones ($3,500 MSRP) at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018. The innovative “LOW RESONANCE” design features “EarField” technology which delivers a “speaker-like” soundfield experience making them ideal as reference monitors for critical mix and mastering applications or extended home listening sessions requiring highest quality sound and comfortable, fatigue-free listening.

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MUSICAL SURROUNDINGS Announces Product Launches — Crestone Peak, Ponderosa

NOVA III phono stage $1,500
Musical Surroundings’ 3rd generation Michael Yee design, the Nova III features an updated discrete, dual mono audio circuit with maximum 65dB of gain and a new power supply design that Yee describes as “effectively eliminating the wallwart”. The Nova III incorporates a large, regulated power supply providing greater dynamics and image dimensionality, instead of batteries as in previous generations. Further performance enhancements are available by adding the optional $650 Linear Charging Power Supply, originally developed for the $5,000 SuperNova III.

Hana M Series MC cartridges
Hana ML low output $1,200
Hana MH high output $1,200
Building upon the foundation of the critically acclaimed HANA brand, Musical Surroundings introduces the new “M” Series MC cartridges with Microline styli, available in low and high outputs. This evolutionary new model continues the HANA tradition of Japanese Handmade MC cartridges featuring Alnico magnets and aluminum cantilevers. The M Series features higher specification parts, advanced materials, unique technical treatment and superior mechanical interfaces.

Viella V12 Doppio turntable $29,250
The Viella V12 Doppio turntable incorporates the Fortissimo
armboard with your choice of AMG 12J2 or 12JT Turbo 12” tonearms in play position 1. For position 2, choose any AMG 9” or 12” tonearm or another brand tonearm that uses the SME mount. Priced with the AMG 12J2 and 12JT Turbo tonearms.

For more information contact:

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CH PRECISION Launches New A1.5 Power Amplifier — Room 3024, Summit Tower

CH Precision Switzerland is thrilled to introduce the A1.5 power amplifier: meet the A1 successor. Featuring a huge new power supply design, the A1.5 power amplifier effortlessly delivers up to 150W / 8 Ohms per channel in Stereo mode or 1200W / 2 ohms in Bridge mode. The A1’s flexibility of use and future-proof modularity have been kept untouched allowing the amplifier to be reconfigured from Stereo to Bi-amplification, Monaural or to Bridge at the push of a button. CH Precision’s unique ExactBias circuitry as well as the critically acclaimed loudspeaker matching topology forge the heart of the A1.5.

Further refined, taller, more powerful, the A1.5 is in every way an A1… and a half.

Full production in November 2018.

Playing in room 3024 and waiting for your visit!

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MQA Live at RMAF — Various Locations

Experience a live performance from jazz ensemble, the Misha Mullov-Abbado Group, at Rocky Mountain on Saturday, Oct. 6. starting at 10:30 am (MST).

The six-piece brings together some of London’s finest jazz musicians. This special performance will be streamed in real time from RAK Studios in London, into a number of MQA partner rooms across the show.

Partner locations:
Aurender — Room 8014, Summit Tower
Bel Canto Design — Room 7017, Summit Tower
Bluesound — Atrium 23 (CanJam)
Brinkmann Audio — Room 1103, Summit Tower
Cary Audio — Room 8004, Summit Tower
Esoteric — Room 535, Front Range 5
iFi Audio — Atrium 24 (CanJam)
Krell Industries — Room 7021, Summit Tower
Mark Levinson — Cottonwood
MOON by Simaudio — Room 8018, Summit Tower
NAD Electronics — Room 8021, Summit Tower
Pro-Ject Audio Systems — Room 8000, Summit Tower & CanJam

Media players delivering the stream include: Amarra, Audirvana and Roon

MQA Live is a new way for fans to connect to artists, wherever and whenever the artist is performing. Using a special encoder box, live concerts can be audio-streamed in real time in MQA quality.

For more information, please click here.

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ALCLAIR AUDION to Showcase First IEM with Electrostatic Drivers — CANJAM 14

Alclair Audio will be showcasing the brand new Electro six driver electrostatic hybrid custom IEM. The Electro is the first ever custom in-ear monitor to feature electrostatic drivers and is the first in-ear monitor to feature electrostatic drivers with an internal transformer. The Electro is built for dazzling clarity with four balanced armature drivers and a dual electrostatic tweeter. While designed for studio and audiophile customers, the addition of dual low end drivers provides plenty of headroom for stage applications.

The clarity and frequency response of the electrostatic drivers gives the Electro outstanding clarity and depth. The hybrid design ensures every nuance of recorded music is present for the listener to enjoy. A wide soundstage allows mix engineers and producers to place instruments not only left to right but further or closer to the listener in depth as well. Reverbs are lush and vocals articulate. The electrostatic tweeters in the Alclair Electro make it a truly remarkable and innovative industry first sure to impress. The balanced armature drivers provide low end heft and stage, studio, and audiophile users.

Continuing Alclair Audios commitment to appropriately priced in-ear monitors, the Electro is now available for a street price of $1499. Alclair Audio will have the Electro electrostatic hybrid along with all their other in-ear monitors available to demo at RMAF. Come try out the Electro along with the RevX, Spire, Studio4, Studio3 and other amazing in-ear monitors.

Alclair Audio will offer 20% off on the Electro, Studio4, Studio3, RevX, Spire, and RSM monitors.

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NOU AUDIO Unveils New Product Line — Room 1113, Summit Tower

NOU Audio (pronounced “new”) is introducing a new product line. Taking the learnings of over 15 years, and combining it with 7 decades of audio design experience, Dusty Vawter and Dan Wiggins are releasing a new high-end transducer line. The first offerings, the W130 and T25S, will be shown in an extremely compact but truly full-range speaker in room 1113. NOU Audio transducers set a brand-new bar in terms of dynamics and resolution, with massive amounts of engineering going into creating the lowest self-noise drivers on the market today.

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