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DROP-IN, SHARE, & SCORE with Pioneer and OnkyoMusic — CanJam 68


Be one of the first 75 people to show this email at the Pioneer booth along with a social share using hashtag #OnkyoMusic and receive a voucher for one complimentary album download (up to $40 value)*.

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Join Pioneer at CanJam RMAF — CanJam 68

Audiophiles, headphone enthusiasts, and purveyors of sound—Join Pioneer at CANJAM RMAF in Denver Colorado. Explore premium audio players from both Pioneer & Onkyo, view the latest headphone models, and sample what’s next on the horizon for pristine personal sound technology—including our live demo of high-resolution MQA audio from the new #OnkyoMusic platform.

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64 Audio New Products, Show Specials and Raffle — CanJam 46

New Products:

During RMAF will be previewing two new universal-fit prototype models. The codename for these prototypes is product ‘X and Y’. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to each model and will be encouraged to post their first impressions and guess the driver count and configuration for each model on our official 64 Audio Head-Fi forum thread.

Those who guess the driver configuration correctly on 64 Audio’s Head-Fi forum thread will be entered into a raffle drawing to win one of the these upcoming new models. The raffle will take place on Friday, October 20 and will be announced the same day.

Show Special:
We are offering 20% off on all available Custom-Fit and Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitors for RMAF attendees during the RMAF show.
Special Events:
Friday, October 6, 3PM. Announcing the winner of the raffle drawing for the U18 Tzar Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitor (Value of $2999). Enter the drawing at 64 Audio table.
Saturday, October 7, 3PM. Announcing the winner of the raffle drawing for the tia Fourte Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitor (Value of $3599). Enter the drawing at 64 Audio table.
Vlad Belonozhko
64 Audio | Chief Administrative Officer
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Lampizator Announces Flagship DAC and offer 10% of All Products at RMAF — Room 5030, Summit Tower

The Pacific DAC has been designed from ground up with one goal in mind – to create the DAC that supercedes everything we have ever heard and does in “the Lampizator way.”
Every part of The Pacific DAC is completely new, even if rooted deeply in previous designs. Namely the four main pillars of the construction are: digital conversion section, power supply section, tube output section and control / management / volume section. And that all is dressed in an unique chassis of pure polished brass. The resulting dac is totally new, totally gorgeous and unmistakenly Lampizator. Love it or loathe it but you can’t ignore it.
We didn’t stop designing and testing untill each and  every one of the four pillars proved itself to contribute audibly and undeniably to the improvement of the overall sound. Summing up the four improvements resulted in a quality jump worthy of the new product, new flagship, and a big bang debut. That’s how the Pacific was born.
Is it too big ? Too shiny ? over the top ? Well, de gustibus non est disputandum, but to make the DAC as good as we made it we needed more space inside, to host all the goodies – uncompromised transformers, chokes, capacitors and tubes. And anything new that comes around in next years to come. Too shiny ? c’mon, the modest days are over now. The shy and modest flagships are contradicting terms. The very last thing the world needs today is another modest gray aluminum box.
North American Distributor for LampizatOr
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MSB Presents Reference DAC — Room 3013, Summit Tower

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Record Doctor presents the Record Clamp — Room 4032, Summit Tower

Improve the performance of your vinyl playback system with the Record Doctor Record Clamp. This high-quality clamp safely and securely allows the record and platter surfaces to contact each other tightly. It reduces resonance without adding rumble – as heavy turntable weights may do – and can also aid in playing warped records.

The Record Doctor Record Clamp comes in your choice of either a black non-resonant phenolic body or clear non-resonant acrylic body. The brass ferrule clamps tightly to most turntable spindles, while the textured aluminum knob allows for precise clamping pressure. The clamp fits most popular turntables.

MSRP: $49.95

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Klipsch debuts its flagship Heritage HP-3 headphone — CanJam 25

Klipsch debuts its flagship Heritage HP-3 headphone, which was inspired by founder Paul W. Klipsch. The Klipsch HP-3 headphones are meticulously hand-assembled using the finest and most functional contrasting materials – such as die-cast steel, hand-sanded and polished wood, premium-grade leathers, and machined aluminum. Its semi-open design creates accurate, natural sound and refined bass. The HP-3 also features a recessed a pair of free-edge 52mm biodynamic drivers and mimics the imaging characteristics of legendary Klipsch Heritage speakers. They are available in three solid-wood finishes – walnut, ebony, and oak.


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Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50 Show Special — Room 5025, Summit Tower

$3000 Purchase Incentive

For attendees of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest who purchase a pair of Beolab 50s within one week after the show, Smartlife Audio Video will provide either a credit towards the purchase price or a no cost accessory plus installation package valued at $3000.

The Accessory and Installation package will consist of (1) B&O Core Media Server, (1) Pakedge WR1 Router, (1) speaker interconnect cable set, (1) Surgex SA-1810 Power Conditioner, (1) iPad Mini, (1) Installation Service.

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High Fidelity Services New Product Launches — Room 535, Front Range

Analogueworks Turntables to present the RMAF debut the latest TT One-Twelve Turntable in Atrium Suite 535.

High Fidelity Services will be featuring Analogueworks’ Model “TT One-Twelve”, a sub-$4500 turntable including a twelve inch tone arm and separate power supply. There may be no better value in turntables today. The full lineup of Analogueworks’ turntables will also be on hand and on full display. Analogueworks products are designed and hand built in Northhamptonshire, England.

Audia Flight’s new, long awaited mid-level FLS Series amplifiers will be making their North America Debut at RMAF this year in Atrium Suite 535

THEY’RE FINALLY HERE! Derived from the widely acclaimed Audia Flight Strumento Series, these solid state amplifiers may be the best value in reference level Solid State Electronics. See and hear the new FLS10 integrated amplifier ($11,295). Also on hand will be the new FLS1 preamplifier ($6,895), and FLS4 amplifier ($8,995) separates. Presented by High Fidelity Services.

Hannl Vinyl Care will be presenting their latest record cleaning machines in Atrium Suite 535

DO YOU LOVE YOUR VINYL? Hannl Record Cleaning machines have been handcrafted in Germany for twenty plus years. Widely acclaimed as the finest performing, most beautiful machines available, Hannl has raised the bar again with the quietest semi-automatic, archive grade machines on the market. Come see them all. Presented by High Fidelity Services.

Neat Acoustics will be presenting their latest “TOP SECRET” loudspeaker. A world premier debut in Atrium Suite 535

TOP SECRET WORLD PREMIER!!! Fresh on the heels of last year’s smash hit Iota ALPHAS, visit us to see and hear the next step in the evolution of IOTA! Neat has done it again and High Fidelity Services is pleased to present these wonders for the first time in the world. Come visit to also see over nine pairs of Neat Acoustics various loudspeakers representing only a portion of the Neat lineup.

Signal Projects Cables will be “connecting the music” in the Primrose Room and Atrium Suite 535 systems this year.

A High Fidelity Services (HFS) EXCLUSIVE! Perhaps the best sounding and most comprehensive range of cables offered in audio today. Science, engineering, and quality ranging from a few hundred dollars to the “sublime”. Nine complete series or cables ensure that there is a high value solution for everyone. Be sure to stop by the Primrose to possibly hear one of the best systems that you will ever hear! We couldn’t do it without Signal Projects.

Verity Audio and High Fidelity Services are presenting the official North American debut of Verity’s new solid state electronics and new Otello loudspeaker in the Primrose Room.

Verity Audio manufactures amplifiers? Well they do now! Stop by the Primrose room to see and hear the Verity’s new solid state amplifiers on the grand “Lohengrin” Loudspeakers ($133,000) with TW Acustic analogue front end. Verity’s electronics are expertly designed and manufactured in house in Quebec City, Canada. The brand new Otello Loudspeakers ($17,000) will also be on hand along with Verity’s ultra-affordable Finns ($7,000).

Vibex Power Distribution & Isolation latest products’ will be cleaning up remarkable systems in both Atrium Suite 535 and the Primrose Room

See, hear, and learn about the next level in power conditioning! Would you buy a power conditioner that didn’t limit power, alter your system’s tonality, or slow your sound? … A product that dropped your noise floor, saved space, and never wears out or fails? WE’RE BANKING ON IT! High Fidelity Services invites you to see and hear the best sounding and best value conditioners on the market.

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Daedalus Audio Product Launches – Iris Room, Lobby and Room 555, Front Range

Adding to our line of Daedalus isolation Devices (DiD) are DiDs specifically for speakers and now available  for the first time in black as well as silver finish.
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