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SPIRIT TORINO headphones provide those who love music and excellence with an extraordinarily natural and refined listening experience, with the closest dynamics to a live concert. Born from many years of experience SPIRIT TORINO headphones radically innovate on the most advanced models already on the market, both from a technological point of view and of the acoustic performance. The Twin-Pulse Isobaric System® (proprietary in-house technology) is a unique design, stated one of the founders, Andrea Ricci. He went on to say “all hand made in Italy, the SPIRIT TORINO headphones are meticulously built with the most attention to fine detail.”

Thanks to the design know-how, the choice of materials, the manufacturing expertise and the meticulous attention to detail, Spirit has achieved a perfect balance between speed of execution, sound wave refraction and effective transmission of the electrical signal, in order to bring a live listening experience, over ears. An unmistakable sound signature for the connoisseurs and a new reference for the Made in Italy technological excellence.

COME AND MEET US! You will enjoy a unique listening experience like no other!
You can find us at the Headsonix booth in Canjam 13

For more information, please contact Bruce Ball
email: Phone: 818-927-7553

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SERIOUS STEREO Debuts 3rd Generation Golden-Ratio Amplifiers — Room 3017, Summit Tower

Serious Stereo debuts the new 3rd generation amps now: Denver gets the Honors, the new amps will be playing. Generation ONE was in 1989—NOT ONE has ever failed, today they enjoy the highest resale price ever– related to purchase in the industry.!

Generation TWO was in 2005—debuted in Denver— got Stephen’s Best Sound of RMAF 2005. NOT ONE has ever failed, either. Resale is almost the new prices. Generation THREE debuts at RMAF 2018. This amplifier is built to Golden-Ratio proportions and is larger physically. Benefits are even greater clarity, speed, rhythm, pace, event timing and musical authority. A very powerful “see-thru” amp. Watt rating is low. POWER is high— a concept we don’t care to explain except to folks like you!

These are even more Bullet-proof as usual, no adjustments ever— no failures ever. As Herbie mentioned about Gen TWO– “best amp”—RMAF 2016 and 17.

Gen. THREE uses the same tubes operating at the same voltages and currents, which are ideal parameters scientifically, and were laid-down in 1989, and are not going to be improved by anything that one can buy & use for Audio.

The new amps have slightly less hum, have superior bandwidth, and have more power into the speaker— at the same operating currents and voltages. An all-out signal-transfer-efficiency program has benefitted the latest amps.

All three generations are Class-A SET designs.

As usual, Serious Stereo amps never destroy musical detail, dynamics and nuances in order to get a “black” background— which also blacks-out a lot of music! We never fell for that, never will, we intend our amps to remainthe best music reproducers money can buy.

They DO have a little hum DELIBERATELY, we just won’t sell our musical soul for Brownie Points. Hum reduction to zero levels is VERY EASY to get— actually reproducing music is another thing entirely.

Don’t put the wrong tires on your car to make the buyers love it!

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Exhibitor Promotions:

Convergent Audio Technology (CAT):

30% OFF all demonstration units
40% OFF New JL-5 Limited Edition Amplifier

Essential Sound Products (ESP):

40% OFF The Essence Reference-II power cord & Power Distributor strip demonstration units
Give-away contest for one Reference-II power cord, 1.5-meters. To enter, in-person sign up with name and email address at exhibit room #5012 before Sunday, 10/7 @ 4:00PM.

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World Premiere of the New LARSEN 9 Speakers — Room 6018, Summit Tower

Taking the critically acclaimed and ingenious designs from the Larsen 8 to its fullest potential in the Larsen 9 speaker. With curved wood sides and frame, wooden slots for ports, and with the top-of-the-line Illuminator drivers from ScanSpeak and top model crossover components from Danish Jensen, Furutech connectors – the new stylish Larsen 9 checks all the boxes and creates the ultimate speaker for the real world.

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MURAUDIO’s Newly Released SP1 at RMAF 2018 — Room 1104, Summit Tower

Muraudio’s newly released SP1 will be at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 Oct. 5-7. The SP1, recently awarded “Soundstage HiFi Recommended Reference Component” will be paired with Triangle Art’s world renowned Master Reference and Maestro turntables, Reference Tube phonostage and preamp and all new TA-200M Pure Class A Monoblocks. Visit room 1104.

The SP1s imaged like gangbusters, rendered depth like there’s no tomorrow, and “disappeared” so completely into the soundstage that they seemed not to be there at all. The top-to-bottom sound of the drivers was as cohesive and focused as the best non-hybrid floorstanders such as KEF’s Reference 3 or Revel’s Ultima2 Salon2.

The acoustic piano is one of the most difficult instruments for speakers to reproduce, not only for its wide frequency range but also for its weight and impact. I played Ola Gjeilo’s Stone Rose… In really explosive passages, I heard nothing but speed and attack – none of the woolliness or distortion that plagues some speakers. It all sounded as immediate, clean, dynamic, and musically exciting as well-played pianos do in concert.

The SP1s had broad horizontal dispersion (this is no head-in-a-vise speaker) – the outputs of its five drivers blend so well that they sound like a single driver of nearly full range. It can play at volume levels from extremely low to well beyond loud enough equally well. I liked the way a pair of SP1s painted vast soundstages with well-focused aural images in my room, without sounding exaggerated or artificial. And all of that, without being difficult to set up. That’s a long list of accomplishments for $14,700/pair. Muraudio’s latest isn’t just one of the best-sounding speakers at the price – I’d wager it can knock the socks off many speakers costing considerably more.

– Doug Schneider, Soundstage HiFi

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ARTISTCLONER Debut Exhibition at RMAF — Room 7025, Summit Tower

For the first time in the USA, ArtistCloner will be exhibiting products at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 2018. The products include amplification, speakers, cables and power distribution units.

These products were first introduced with great success at the Montreal audio show in the beginning of 2016. New products for 2018 will be on demo in room 7025 at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. The new products include a nickel plated Integrated amplifier named SCORPI $9999USD, REBEL REFERENCE SPEAKERS $11999USD, SOLITZ SPEAKER CABLES $923USD , CARBON STAGE 2 INTERCONNECT CABLE $1211USD, RWG A/C CABLE $611USD AND THE PTEROS POWER BAR $3669USD.

For more information see WWW.ARTISTCLONER.COM

ArtistCloner was made public in 2014 and exhibited its equipment at the Montreal Audio Fest in 2016. Before the company was officially born by its founder Sylvio Comtois, there had been many years of research done since the early 80’s. Since its first public appearance ArtistCloner has been acclaimed by many who have experienced the amazing audio performances the products have to offer. The build quality and dependability are of the highest caliber. ArtistCloner applies the utmost standards in manufacturing and materials for the assembly of all its products that are typically found the medical/aerospace/military industry.

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VOXATIV Debuts T805 Integrated Amp and 9.87 Fieldcoil Edition System — Room 5000, Summit Tower

At the Rocky Mountain Audiofest this week in Denver, Voxativ GmbH is
marking the US debut of the new T805 SET INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. This is
the Berlin born brand’s first higher-powered 30Wx2 tube integrated
amplifier capable of driving a wider range of low to high-efficiency
loudspeakers offered across the high-end audio marketplace. Now any
loudspeaker can experience the pure Class-A high power of a Voxativ SET

The Voxativ founder and chief engineer, Holger Adler Dipl.-Ing, will be
in from Berlin to present their first implementation of 805 tubes in a
pure Class-A design with KT66 driver stage in triode mode driven by the
ECC83 input stage with an internal DC-coupled circuit absent of any
interstage chokes. Similar to the T211, the 120lb (55kg) unibody
aluminum housing of the T805 is anodized in _Berlin black_ and milled
from a single 150lb block of aluminum. All coupling capacitors are
Mundorf and power transformers are custom-designed by Voxativ’s chief
electronics engineer.

This integrated amplifier is also equipped with a volume-controlled
preamp output stage to directly drive without signal loss any outboard
active speakers and woofers like the Voxativ Pi-Bass and Z-Bass modules.
This is relevant to this week’s debut for it will be driving the first
US presentation of a FIELDCOIL EDITION of the recently awarded _TAS
Golden Ear_ winning hybrid-active 9.87 SYSTEM in Summit Tower Suite

SUITE 5000 will be made all the more special in partnership with
California based SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH who will be powering, cabling,
grounding and treating the entire room with its _TAS Golden Ear Award_
winning UEF Technologies. This room will also have on static display the
powerful yet petite VOXATIV HAGEN monitors with special five-inch
full-range drivers. Across the hall in Suite 5004, attendees will also
be able to hear the VOXATIV ZETH-B loudspeaker system with active Z-Bass
modules driven by Lyric Audio electronics.

Like their home city, Berlin-based Voxativ Acoustic Technologies is
world-renown for provocative designs poised at the intersection of
glamour and grit. Voxativ’s collection of award-winning full-range
loudspeakers and bespoke electronics are elegantly handcrafted designs
that resolve the emotional truth of your music.

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KCC SCIENTIFIC Solves Power Grid Conversion Problems & Product Launch — Lobby 13

KCC Scientific LLC Introduces their Professional Series mains voltage and frequency converters, Thor and Hercules. Please visit us at Lobby 13 to see our new products!

KCC Scientific is proud to introduce the Professional Series mains voltage and frequency converters. Thor can power your device up to to 100 watts and Hercules up to 200 watts. They are completely universal! Select either output voltage (115V or 230V AC) or output frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) from the front panel. Frequency accuracy is better than 0.0002% to assure speed accuracy if you are powering a turntable or tape player. Voltage accuracy is stable to 2% over the full output power range. The output receptacles are worldwide so that they can accept power plugs from most regions of the world. With these new products, you can power your audio and valued electronics with great precision anywhere in the world! See our website for more details at


KCC Scientific Clean Power converters will match the voltage, frequency and power (wattage) requirements to your valued device, assuring you are operational anywhere in the world.

Perhaps you finally received that well-deserved promotion involving relocation, or simply have purchased that coveted vintage audio from across the globe. In the new country, the power standards may be very different from what you have today. For the World Citizen, KCC Scientific offers their customers trustworthy, high precision, scientific-grade voltage and frequency converters. Like no other, KCC Scientific Converters change Voltage AND Frequency from their front panel for devices up to 200 Watts. What makes KCC Scientific converters so special is that they provide a pure sine wave at the precise frequency needed. With this technology, you can simply select voltage and frequency needed (115V or 230V AC at 50Hz or 60Hz) from the front panel to suit your requirements. In addition, ingeniously made, a KCC Voltage and Frequency Converter can produce clean power, no matter where you are on the globe.

Whether you are moving from North America to another region or vice versa, you could be faced with the issue of power line (mains) voltage and frequency differences. In North America, the standard (mains) power line is 115V AC at 60 Hz. Outside of North America, the standard is 230V AC at 50 Hz. There are exceptions of course, such as Japan, where there are multiple frequency standards; e.g., there are regions of Japan operating at 50Hz and others operating at 60Hz. Most importantly, simple plug adapters are not enough!

For the most part, devices that turn or vibrate require precision to operate properly. Vibrating or turning motors may have frequency sensitivity; e.g., they will run at the wrong speed, pitch or timekeeping if operated at the incorrect frequency. In some cases, devices with motors may malfunction or overheat if operated from the wrong frequency as well. Precision makes the difference.

In general, devices with frequency sensitivity are smaller, lower power devices. That’s where KCC Scientific converters can help. KCC Scientific converters have sufficient power output capability (up to 200 watts) to handle many of your prized personal electronics such as turntables, tape players or component audio equipment as well as clocks and flip clocks. These will very likely have great sensitivity to power line frequency, which is what KCC Scientific converters were designed to resolve.

Now, despite the power grid differences, you CAN take your vintage or present day audio components anywhere! We find Hercules is a favorite to those moving equipment overseas. Its plentiful 200 watts can easily power your favorites items such as turntables, tape players, and other audio components to assure proper power. For solutions up to 100 watts, turn to our Thor converter. Never fret about your power source again. Simply select the voltage and frequency needed and plug it in. Use the lightweight, compact and easy to use KCC Scientific converter anywhere in the world.

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CHORD ELECTRONICS Debuts and Demos — CANJAM 1 & 2, Rooms 2003 & 9030 Summit Tower

WHO: Chord Electronics, the world’s leading amplification and digital audio experts
WHAT: US debuts for the new Hugo M Scaler (standalone upscaler) and Hugo TT 2 (desktop DAC/pre/head amp). Also on show: Hugo 2 (transportable DAC/pre/head amp), Mojo (portable DAC/head amp), Poly (wireless streaming module) and TToby (power amp).
WHERE: Chord Electronics at RMAF, CanJam 1 and 2, plus Summit rooms 2003 and 9030
CONTACT(S): Chord Electronics +44 (0)1622 721444
(PR) Dan George: +44 (0)7899 808918
INFO: Chord Electronics Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance hi-fi and audio products. Since 1989, from Kent, England, Chord Electronics has been creating some of the planet’s finest hi-fi, home cinema and professional audio equipment. A technology-driven innovator, Chord Electronics continues to deliver excellence through exemplary audio engineering, cutting-edge design and a true aesthetic understanding. Professionals using Chord Electronics include: Abbey Road Studios (London); Sony Music Studios (New York), Skywalker Sound (California), Metropolis Studio (London) and many more.

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MARTINLOGAN, PARADIGM AND ANTHEM Demonstrations — Rooms 1107, 1000 & 9007, Summit Tower


MARTINLOGAN TO DEMONSTRATE NEOLITH AND IMPRESSION ESL 11A ELECTROSTATIC SPEAKERS – MartinLogan will be demonstrating two Masterpiece Series loudspeakers. Attendees will hear MartinLogan’s Neolith loudspakers with Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems (room 1107) and the Impression ESL 11A loudspeakers with Benchmark Media Systems (room 1000).


PARADIGM AND ANTHEM TO SHOWCASE PERSONA AND PREMIER BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS AND STR PREAMPLIFIER AND AMPLIFIER – Paradigm will be demonstrating the Persona B and Premier 200B bookshelf loudspeakers in room 9007 with Anthem’s critically acclaimed STR
Series of 2-channel electronics.

For more information click here.


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