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Lejonklou HiFi AB introduces the Boazu integrated amplifier at RMAF 2016 — Room 1008

Uppsala, Sweden, September 30, 2016.  Lejonklou HiFi AB and Nokturne Audio announce the worldwide introduction of the Boazu, Lejonklou’s first integrated amplifier, at RMAF 2016, October 7-9 in room 1008.  Boazu combines the proprietary power amp circuit of the groundbreaking Tundra stereo power amp with a slimmed down version of the preamplifier circuit from the incredibly engaging Sagatun stereo preamp.  The combination of these two circuits, with the shorter signal paths allowed by an integrated design, brings an amazing level of musical performance – similar to that of the current separates. Yet at a price of $4199 it is well under half that of the preamp-poweramp combination!

In our experience, the Boazu’s level of musical engagement and enjoyment has not been available before at this price.  To achieve this the Boazu uses standard Lejonklou design and construction practices including hand-matched components, a 1.1kg solid copper heatsink, accurate directionality of ALL components, precise torqueing of all fasteners and solid aluminum construction with a simple, hard-wearing black finish.  Four line-level sources are accepted with front panel or remote control of volume and muting.  Boazu also has the proprietary Lejonklou color-change LED volume indicator.

Boazu will be available at the end of October.  So come to Room 1008 October 7-9 and hear how enthralling music can be through the Boazu!

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Nokturne Audio announces the NOKTable Turntable Stand at $599 RMAF 2016 — Room 1008

Westland, MI, USA September 30, 2016.  Nokturne Audio, importer and distributor of the award-winning Lejonklou HiFi components, is now a manufacturer!  Our first product is the NOKTable Turntable Stand.  The NOKTable takes the idea of the lightweight but very rigid turntable stand made popular in the 80s by companies like The Sound Organisation, AudioTech and Archidee and brings it into the 21st century.  It uses the best of these design ideas, with superior construction and an improved, textured black finish, while providing an even more musical performance.

The NOKTable Turntable Stand is made of strong but light welded square-section steel tubing with strong, long adjustable floor spikes that can pierce pretty much any carpet and padding.  They can also be used with footers like Linn Skeets on wood or tile floors.  The NOKTable also has short adjustable spikes for the top and a solid top plate of black laminated mdf that the turntable rests on.

While initially designed for the iconic Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, the NOKTable is an excellent platform for any number of light and medium weight turntables such as those from Rega, ProJect, Music Hall and numerous others.  The NOKTable Turntable Stand debuts at RMAF 2016 in Room 1008 at a price of $599 and is available immediately.

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SVS Unveils History-Making Reference Subwoofers

SVS 16-Ultra subwoofers are the largest and most powerful in the company’s history and tout all new driver and amplifier platforms along with three radical innovations designed to establish the SB16-Ultra and PB16-Ultra as the new reference standard for bass.

Denver, CO – October 6, 2016 – Rocky Mountain Audio Fest – Room 8004 – SVS, manufacturer of high performance speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories, proudly announces the 16-Ultra Series, its largest and most powerful subwoofer line ever. The new sealed box SB16-Ultra and ported box PB16-Ultra subwoofers are the culmination of all SVS engineering advancements and loaded with innovations that establish the 16-Ultra Series as the reference standard for bass.

For more information, please visit  or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

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Vos Loudspeakers new product — Room 5014

This show will be the premiere showing of the Precision Sound Array.  The system retails for $135,000.00


Emile Vos,

Vos Loudspeakers

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AntiCables Leaps Big with New Speaker Cables — Room 1104 & LOBBY

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           October 6, 2016

Denver CO – AntiCable Audio Company Incorporated, US manufacturers of high performance audio accessories, will use the 2016 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest as their opportunity to show audiophiles their new, top tier speaker cables. Level 5 Signature Speaker Wires were created by rolling their excellent ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy metallurgy, used in their upper level interconnects, into a much larger gauge wire to handle the current demands of speakers. These world class cables are offered factory direct at, and represent an exceptional value when compared to their rivals.

The Level 5 wires brings AntiCables’ proven ACElectrum™ audio wire, made from a proprietary silver and gold alloy, to discerning audio enthusiasts. Mixing Gold With Silver subjectively eliminates the sonic signature of 100% silver wire, which tends to sound “hard” or “forward” at high frequencies, while retaining the excellent sonic resolving properties that silver has to offer.

The new Level 5 cables improve upon AntiCables’ existing Level 2 Performance and Level 3 Reference copper speaker wires.

The Level 5 Signature Speaker Wires are available at $2,100 for a 6 foot pair. Other lengths are available. Add or subtract $350 per foot pair. Available now at the company’s on–line store, the product includes a no–risk, 30 day guarantee. for more information on all of AntiCables’ audio products.

AntiCables Audio Company Inc.
11200 Stillwater Blvd N.
Suite 104B
Lake Elmo MN 55042 USA

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EMU Systems will be at the RMAF CanJam this week — Evergreen Ballroom


1) Different interchangeable wooden cups.
2) The greatly anticipated launch of detachable version of Teak
3) Pre launch headphone stands specially designed for Teak.

Hope to see you all at Evergreen Ballroom (near the RMAF office !  🙂

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Oakland, California-based Musical Surroundings is set to launch several new products at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest — Crestone Peak, Mezzanine

New products include:

  • Mike Yee-designed Musical Surroundings SuperNova III battery-powered phono stage
  • DS Audio DS Master1 optical cartridge and phono equalizer with newly developed generator, dual mono analog circuits, and 3 sets of RCA and XLR outputs
  • AMG 12JT Turbo tonearm featuring new bearing design and tool-free adjustment
  • Clearaudio Performance DC Wood turntable with mass-loaded Baltic birch plinth.
  • Musical Surroundings will also be featuring Hana cartridges, and playing the low output version of their S Series moving coil cartridge, the Hana SL.

View or Download our Official RMAF Press Release and System Sheet to learn more about these new products.

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ULTRASONE will launch two new high-end headphones in the final quarter of 2016 — CanJam

Dear Partners and Friends,

ULTRASONE will launch two new high-end headphones in the final quarter of 2016.

Our handmade newcomers are called “Edition 8 EX” and “Jubilee 25 Edition“.

Please find enclose the product descriptions and the technical specifications of both headphones. Moreover here you get the downloadlink for the high-res photos:

Edition 8 EX:

Jubilee 25 Edition:

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USA premiere at RMAF: The WA Quantum-Cubed Room Animator — Lobby

USA premiere at RMAF:

The WA Quantum-Cubed Room Animator is a quantum-treated crystal glass device which releases sub-molecular energy pulses to the surrounding air in the listening room creating a clearer, more dynamic, more natural sound with improved low level detail through faster direct acoustic velocity, optimized reverberation and optimized acoustic reflection. Introductory retail only $299.

Imported and distributed by Ultra Systems in New Hope PA.

Contact Robert Stein: or 215 862 6570

UltraSystems, Inc.
Visit us at
Contact information:
Telephone: 215-862-6570, or toll-free 800-724-3305
FAX: 215-862-4871. Email:
Shipping address: Ultra Systems, Inc.,127 Union Square, New Hope, PA 18938  USA
Hours of operation: Mon.-Fri. 10am – 6pm Eastern time. Sat. 11am -5pm

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The Mastering Lab To Re-Open As part Of Acoustic Sounds — Room 9028 & MARKETPLACE

The Mastering Lab — the Grammy-winning independent vinyl LP mastering company founded and managed by the late Doug Sax — is reopening as a division of Acoustic Sounds, Inc. Joining the company as chief mastering engineer is Larry Boden, formerly with MCA Records, and former chief engineer of the JVC Cutting Center in Hollywood. Boden is also author of “Basic Disc Mastering,” — an in-depth text on the science of disc cutting, vinyl record plating, pressing and all other factors of LP production.

Sax, who died in April 2015, started his sound engineering and LP lacquer cutting business four decades ago. His elite client list included The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Barbara Streisand and a score of other hall of fame recording artists. Acoustic Sounds CEO Chad Kassem purchased the business from Sax’s estate. The cutting lathes and mastering console gear were relocated from the company’s Ojai, Calif., headquarters to Acoustic Sounds’ Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, Kan.

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