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RMAF, Newvelle Records and Nordost Present: Dave Douglas & Elan Mehler with John Gunther @ The Hilton Garden Inn, Saturday, October 6

Nordost is thrilled to bring Rocky Mountain Audio Fest attendees a live music experience that is not to be missed on Saturday, October 6 at 2 pm or 6:30 pm.
The concert will be the debut of a new jazz ensemble, featuring accomplished and acclaimed musicians who will be performing some never-before heard works from Dave Douglas as well as music from Elan Mehler’s Newvelle release, “Piano Noir”. The quintet will dance between intersections of style and genre, making for a unique mix of jazz and folk music, poetry and improvisation, prose and composition.

Learn more about PianoNoir.

Get more details about the concerts.

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And the 4th Annual Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards (RIHPA) winners are . . .

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the 4th Annual Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards (RIHPA) !

A big, big thank you to all the RIHPA18 participating publications which can be found at along with all this year’s nominees.

And the RIHPA18 winners are:

1) CD-Player/Transport: ESOTERIC K-05X
2) DAC: Chord Electronics Ltd. DAVE
3) Digital Control Unit: AURALiC ARIES G2
4) Computer Audio Server: Roon Nucleus
5) Mobile Player under 1,000 EUR: Astell&Kern KANN
6) Mobile Player over 1,000 EUR: Astell&Kern A&ultima SP1000
7) Turntable under 1,500 EUR: MoFi UltraDeck
8) Turntable over 1,500 EUR: Technics SL-1000R
9) Tonearm: Swedish Analog Technologies SAT CF1-09
10) Pickup Cartridge: Hana SL
11) Phonostage: CH Precision P1
12) Integrated Amplifier: Hegel H590
13) Preamplifier: McIntosh C2600
14) Stereo Power Amplifier: VTL S-400 Series II
15) Mono Power Amplifier: Audio Research Reference 160M
16) Desktop Headphone Amp and/or DAC Combo: Chord Hugo TT 2
17) Portable Headphone Amp and/or DAC Combo: AudioQuest DragonFly Red
18) Bookshelf Speakers: Dynaudio Special Forty
19) Floor Standing Speakers under 15,000 EUR: Bowers & Wilkins 702 S2
20) Floor Standing Speakers over 15,000 EUR: Wilson Audio Alexia Series-2
21) Loudspeakers over 100,000 EUR: Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic
22) Subwoofer: SVS SB16-Ultra
23) Over-Ear/On-Ear Headphone under 500 EUR: Sennheiser HD 660 S
24) Over-Ear/On-Ear Headphone over 500 EUR: HiFiMAN SUSVARA
25) In-Ear Headphone under 500 EUR: Campfire Audio Comet
26) In-Ear Headphone over 500 EUR: Audeze LCDi4
27) Wireless Headphone: Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless
28) AC Cable: IsoTek EVO3 Ascension
29) Signal Cable: Nordost Odin 2
30) Racks and Supports: Subbase Audio Shambhala TSS
31) AC Distribution and Conditioning: AudioQuest Niagara 7000
32) System and Software Enhancers: Roon
33) Set-up Aids and Tools: Acoustical Systems SMARTractor
34) Best Audiophile Recording — Digital: Beethoven 9th Symphony,
Kubelik/BRSO – PentaTone
35) Best Audiophile Recording — Analogue: Gillian Welch: Soul Journey, Acony reissue
36) Innovation: Kii Three loudspeaker
37) Value for money: Bowers & Wilkins 702 S2
38) Life time achievement: Charley Hansen

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GRAND PRIX AUDIO Product Launch: New APEX XL Footer and APEX Mini Coupler — Room 2024, Summit Tower

For years, Grand Prix Audio’s APEX footers have set the benchmark when it comes to component support. Challengers have come and challengers have gone, but still the APEX sets the performance standard that others strive to match. As the industry and customers have started to realize the crucial musical implications of effective mechanical grounding and equipment support, interest and competition has increased, but the APEX still reigns supreme – until now.

Go Large…

The new APEX XL employs the same proven structure, materials and interface elements as the original APEX, but increasing the diameter and height of the cone more than doubles the internal volume of the proprietary polymer core, increasing its energy dissipation capabilities. The same hardened steel or ceramic interface ball is supported in a precision moulded cup that ensures rigid coupling and superior energy transfer, while the increase in internal surface area of the carbon composite structural cone further improves energy transfer. Supremely efficient when it comes to sinking internally generated vibrational energy, the decoupled baseplate is equally effective as a barrier against external mechanical interference. In this case, bigger is simply better. Perhaps the ultimate example of K.I.S.S-thinking the APEX XL is compatible with the same stainless-steel levelers as the APEX (available in six different thread sizes) making it an incredibly cost effective upgrade not just for Grand Prix Audio racks, but for the spikes used beneath all other racks or speakers, or as a straight swap for existing APEX footers, beneath racks, speakers or individual components. 

The APEX Mini

One practical issue with equipment couplers is that they increase the height of components – and sometimes that height just isn’t there. When space in your rack is tight but you still want APEX performance, or your equipment has small feet and you don’t want it looking like it’s perched on stilts, the APEX Mini is the answer. A scaled version of the APEX, it is 0.225”/5.7mm lower, which might not seem like much, but can make all the difference. A dedicated component coupler rather than for use beneath racks or speakers the APEX Mini is not compatible with the APEX levelers. It is however, the only way to achieve APEX performance in a more compact package.

Proven materials: a proven approach: proven performance benefits


APEX Mini            – $1,000 set of 3

– $1,300 set of 4

APEX                      – $1,200 set of 3

– $1,600 set of 4

APEX XL               – $1,500 set of 3

– $2,000 set of 4


APEX Mini           – 2” diameter x 1.175 tall w/ball

APEX                    – 2.5” diameter x 1.4”

APEX XL              – 4” diameter x 1.875”

Leveler Sizes

Available Sizes – 3/8-16”, 1/4-20”, 5/16-18”, M8/1.25, M10/1.5 and M12/1.5

About Us  

Grand Prix Audio was borne out of a singular quest to achieve the highest quality reproduction of recorded music.

As in our racing past – where the best design and engineering made the difference between winning and losing – at Grand Prix Audio we apply that same drive and obsessive attention to detail to achieve unmatched performance from all our products.

Each and every product we create delivers:

Real Performance – performance that matters

Measurable benefits which are musically significant.

Smart Engineering – not over engineering

Less is always more: The right materials, the right technology and the optimum approach, combined in elegant, serviceable products that deliver ultimate performance.

Consistency, Value, and Longevity – not obsolescence

Products built to exacting quality standards from engineering materials designed to be upgradeable so that your investment and your product stand the test of time.

At Grand Prix Audio we constantly strive for the most compelling, communicative and convincing musical performance. That’s no idle claim. From equipment racks and supports that measurably lower system noise floor to turntables with the best ever speed stability, we are consistently and audibly advancing the state-of-the-art – and that art is music.

PO Box 1948, Durango, CO 81302


Telephone: +1 970 247 3872

Fax: +1 970 247 3876

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New KRELL INDUSTRIES K-300i at RMAF — Room 7021, Summit Tower

Please visit Krell Industries, LLC in room 7021 at the RMAF to listen to the brand new K-300i integrated amplifier, demonstrated with Alta Audio loudspeakers, Acoustic Signature turntable, arm, cartridge and phono pre-amp, and cables from Anti Cables.

For more information:

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DEQX and Kyron Audio Partner for Unforgettable Speaker Technology Demos — Lupine Room

DEQX and Kyron Audio would like to invite press and attendees to attend demonstrations in the Lupine Boardroom Lobby Level Friday October 5th to the 7th.

Two power houses of audio innovation, DEQX and Kyron Audio will present the Kyron Audio multi award winning Kronos open baffle loudspeaker system.  The Kronos system is an ultimate expression of DEQX
HD-active calibration. DEQX, in conjunction with Kyron’s open-baffle and multi-amplifier innovations, significantly raise the level of performance available from traditional audio technology.

Kronos has won “Best Sound at Show” accolades from audio journalists from Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, Sound+Image Magazine,, Positive Feedback and others at multiple international audio shows.  This year marks the first time that visitors to RMAF will have the chance to hear this remarkable system for themselves.

It will also be the first time the new Kyron Mercury subwoofers will be demonstrated in USA. Designed for music first, the Mercury subs are the only choice to match the incredibly fast and accurate bass of the Kronos system, extending bass response well below 20Hz.

DEQX has been designing advanced digital speaker calibration processing for over 20 years.  DEQX is a core technology for some of the most advanced audio systems worldwide, including many studio installations such as Abbey Road London Studios England and the new state-of-the art Studio 301 in Sydney Australia.

Please feel free to visit the Lupine Boardroom lobby level — or to arrange a private demonstration during the show of this amazing audio system, please contact Alan Langford (DEQX) or Leon Suter (Kyron)

DEQX Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
Ph: +61 (2) 99056277

Kyron Audio
Adelaide, South Australia
Ph: +61 (3) 90162585 [2]

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WYRED 4 SOUND Introduces Four New Products at RMAF — Spruce 2

This year at RMAF, Wyred 4 Sound is introducing 4 new products including a preamp,
amplifier, headphone amplifier/DAC, and its own speakers to complete Wyred’s
trademark sound.

Wyred 4 Sound is proud to introduce the AURA PREAMPLIFIER.  The
new preamp is based on award winning STP-SE with revolutionary
changes to create the best sounding preamp ever!

As a matching amplifier, Wyred 4 Sound is proud to also introduce the AURA 1200M
full size monobloc amplifier capable of 1200w in 4ohms. Also one of the
finest amplifiers Wyred has created.

Finally finished and revamped is the INTIMO HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER to
be on display for final release and is currently in production.

To complete our system, Wyred decided to build its own speaker for a
complete experience.  Named after its accuracy and speed, Tempus
will be first seen at RMAF in Spruce 2.

Please stop by and check out what Wyred 4 Sound has been working on. Please also see this system breakdown list for more details.

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SOURCE SYSTEMS New Product Demonstrations at RMAF — Room 7030, Summit Tower

streamer/renderer/DAC with DAC bypass. Supports Ethernet _and_ Optical
Fiber networks. New outboard power supply. New board architecture and
PRO series D/A conversion.
with 5 digital outputs. The power of a U1 in a smaller package for those
who already own DACs
drop, then plug and play. USB 3.0, Slave, Gigabit, Ethernet, Zero
SSD servers. Server, streamer, ripper, tagger, bridge. New design is
fully proprietary. Sound result is phenomenal.
* M2TECH ITALY – USA LAUNCH FOR N1 “Nash” multi device mm-mc phono
stage/pre-amp. Phono EQ. All-discrete components. A Young MkIII-MQA
N1-based system may have a total of four analog sources: two phono and
two line-level. Optional low noise PS.
* M2TECH ITALY – USA LAUNCH FOR C1 “Crosby” class D stereo power
amplifier. 60Wpc (stereo, 8 Ohms), 110Wpc (stereo, 4 Ohms), 180W
(bridged, 8 Ohms).
made in France. Lifetime warranty.
Streamer/renderer/DAC/Sample rate converter/CD player/pre-amp. Golden
Ear Award 2018.

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US Debut for British Hi-Fi Specialist MITCHELL & JOHNSON — Room 6013, Summit Tower

THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL AUDIO FEST 2018 has been chosen by British hi-fi specialist, Mitchell & Johnson, for the US debut of the new 800 Series, a new flagship range of hi-fi components and the first to be entirely designed, engineered and built in the UK. The new 800 Series represents a significant milestone for Mitchell & Johnson who has recently committed to UK manufacturing for all its forthcoming products. Made in rural Britain, the 800 Series puts the hi-fi lover
firmly in mind, with UK manufacturing enabling the company to produce higher quality products and better control all elements of the business, from design to final hand-assembly, customer service to technical support, with the benefit of dedicated UK factory back-up.

The first products to be announced in the new 800 Series are the S800 ‘digital’ preamp with multi-input DAC and phono stage, plus the matching S815 power amp, both of which are priced at just £1,299/$1,725 EACH.

WHO: Mitchell & Johnson, an exciting new British hi-fi manufacturer with real affordability

WHAT: September-launched S800 ‘DIGITAL’ PREAMP ($1,725) AND S815 POWER AMP ($1,725) [1], entirely designed, engineered and built in the UK. The S800 preamp benefits from a high-quality MM/MC phono stage, plus a highly flexible built-in ESS Sabre 9018 DAC with an XMOS asynchronous USB input plus three optical and three coaxial digital inputs. The S815 power amp offers 150 watts into 8 ohms, class A/B architecture, stunning illuminated VU meters and a solid aluminium front panel.

WHERE Mitchell & Johnson at RMAF 2018: Room 6013, Summit Tower Level 6

CONTACT(S): Mitchell & Johnson [2] +44 (0)1223782474
(PR) Dan George: +44 (0)7899 808918


Mitchell & Johnson is a dynamic young British hi-fi company with a passion for state-of-the-art technology paired with classic aesthetics. It offers a wide number of precision-engineered audio products and has an exciting raft of UK-designed-and-built hi-fi equipment in the pipeline for 2018/19.

The company prides itself on offering the countless benefits of UK production with unrivalled affordability. With design-consultancy work undertaken by one of the audio industry’s most respected electronics engineers, Mitchell & Johnson has quickly established itself as a front-runner for high-quality, inexpensive, British-made hi-fi.

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MOFI DISTRIBUTION Introduces Astounding New Products at RMAF — Pikes Peak & Room 4000, Summit Tower

MoFi will be introducing a number of astounding new products at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest from PRIMARE, DR. FEICKERT, QUAD, WHARFEDALE, ISOTEK and more! Two new brands join the MoFi family, MANGER AUDIO and FINITE ELEMENTE from Germany. Scroll down for more details.


Primare is rapidly expanding it’s line of networked streaming audio
components that support Qobuz, Tidal, Roon and way more. Primare’s
Prisma components can be controlled from your phone or tablet, can be
used as a Roon endpoint, and can even be controlled by your voice with
Google Assistant!



Dr. Feickert made haste to get us his new Volare turntable, which is a
seriously impressive value with a starting price of $3,495 including an
Origin Live Silver tonearm! The base Volare includes an aluminum platter
and a straigforward black and silver body. Optional upgrades include a
Delrin platter ($250) and a wood veneer plinth ($250). Volare is
expected to start shipping later this Fall.



We’re honored to be nominated for a Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Award!

Mobile Fidelity turntables and electronics can be found in the following rooms:

ZU Audio / Pass Labs / MoFi Pikes Peak Mezzanine
Klipsch 9014, 9017
KORG 3010
ELAC 9028


S1 Active Floorstanding Loudspeakers starting at $24,995

Manger Audio from Germany is a new partner with MoFi Distribution. This distinctive brand is famous for their bending-wave sound transducers,invented by Josef Manger. The company is now operated by his daughter, and engineer, Daniela Manger.

We’ll be showcasing the active S1 loudspeakers which have built-in electronic crossovers (no DSP) and 400W Class A/B amplifiers. This is a simple and beautiful loudspeaker package that delivers epic performance in a small footprint.



Isotek is launching Nova, their most capable single chassis power conditioner EVER. This 12-outlet beast provides the electrical bedrock on which our primary demo system is built.

Genesis One brings Isotek’s pure AC regeneration technology to its smallest form factor. This is an easy and appreciable upgrade for any timing sensitive components such as turntables, DACs and transports.

Syncro Uni is a solution to a common problem, humming transformers caused by DC offset on your AC mains. Syncro Uni rebalances the AC sine wave making it perfectly symmetrical, without sacrificing current delivery. This not only stops transformer hum, but greatly improves your systems dynamic range!

Gemini packs Isotek’s core filter technology into a tiny 2-outlet form factor. When “less-is-more,” it’s the perfect support for a pair of powered speakers or a simple HiFi.



The legendary brand sought to deliver their signature ESL sound with their first ever headphones. They’ve done it with the easy-to-drive and comfortable ERA-1. These should be on the short list for best headphones under $1,000.

Hear them in room 4000 and at the Woo Audio booth at CanJam!



The iconic Denton has been revamped to celebrate Wharfedale’s 85-year history! This limited edition loudspeaker features the classic inset front baffle with real wood veneer cabinets available in red mahogany and walnut.


Solidsteel has expanded their family of timeless racks with the new Hyperspike Ypsilon series and S3 series in a beautiful walnut finish.

HY will be on display in the MoFi room 4000. S3 Walnut can be found in the Klipsch rooms 9014, 9017.


Finite Elemente is back and in the hands of original founder Luis Fernandes. The company’s CERA series of feet offer marked improvements in sound naturalness and clarity. Starting at $229.


Eminent EX $3,995

We’ve saved the end for the beginning of the signal path. The My SonicLab Eminent EX cartridge will be extracting all of the music from the record grooves ensuring our system is off to a great start.

Special thanks to Cardas Audio, Marjorie and the volunteers at RMAF, Soundings Audio Video, Klipsch, Falcon, ELAC, KORG, Woo Audio, Zu Audio, and Trans-Expedite!

See you at the show!

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Amadeus Releases New PHILHARMONIA Mini Passive Hi-Fi Speakers — Room 7030, Summit Tower

Amadeus have announced they are now shipping the new Philharmonia Mini passive speakers, co-designed specifically for the Hi-Fi market by world-renowned architect Jean Nouvel. Amadeus unveiled the Philharmonia Mini at the High End Music trade show in Munich, Germany, where they paired the passive speakers with a Grandioso C1 preamplifier and a Grandioso S1 amplifier, both from Esoteric, Japan, along with the NADAC digital-to-analog converter from Merging Technologies, Switzerland. The band-new passive speaker design is based on the Amadeus’ top-of-the line Philharmonia powered speakers, which were initially created specifically for the Philharmonie de Paris recording and mastering studios. The new Philharmonia Mini speakers have a retail price of 36,000 € (VAT Incl.) in Europe.

The new Philharmonia Mini speaker design features a curved structure that is both simple and complex, consisting of 288 wood veneers accurately machined, aligned and glued, offering a distinctive look and volume. The speaker in itself (resonance volume) features a 432mm height with a 353mm depth. The cabinets are custom manufactured from layered Birch and stand 1.23 meters tall. The speaker enclosure features a unique hybrid laminar port using progressive termination inspired by the original Philharmonia. Machined into the wood material along the full height of the speaker system, the very low velocity port yields optimal linearity for the lowest possible distortion.

The Philharmonia Mini 2-way, passive speakers feature the original Philharmonia’ 28-mm soft-domed tweeter and a custom 170-mm woofer, for an amplitude linearity range (±2dB) from 54 Hz to 22 kHz, and a cut-off frequency (-6dB) of 44 Hz. The high-frequency driver features very low dielectric losses and high thermal conductivity, loaded behind a fast exponential waveguide machined in wood, which yields exceptional control over spatial dispersion.

The pedestal contains the passive components inside the lower part of the speaker enclosure, including the custom Amadeus-designed passive crossover. The outstanding sonic performance of the resistors, capacitors and inductors is achieved through a unique combination of advanced technologies, meticulously researched.

“This new model features a passive crossover built into the pedestal that allows the system to be driven by just one external amplifier. Achieving such a linear response without active components -and digital correction-created an enormous amount of work on the design of the enclosures’ internal structure, the hybrid laminar port, and the waveguide expansion,” states Deluc. “The passive filter design philosophy matches the aesthetic of the speaker. It is very minimalist. The passive crossover features a subtle combination of two different orders, inducing an absolutely perfect phase summation between the two speakers, and an excellent impulse response.”

The rear panel of the pedestal features a pair of beautifully finished, top-quality binding posts from Japan-based manufacturer FURUTECH. These carbon-finished binding posts feature rhodium-plated conductors that are the result of meticulous engineering and careful auditioning of various suitable materials. The FT-816 (R) features an ? (Alpha) pure copper conductor material for minimal impedance, extremely non-resonant carbon fiber, non-magnetic stainless steel, and eutectic copper alloy housings.

Selected specifications for the new “Philharmonia Mini” passive speakers:
Transducer (HF): Ø 28 mm soft dome
Transducer (LMF): Ø 170 mm bass driver
Recommended Power: 50 – 300W/8Ω
Amplitude linearity (±2dB): 54 Hz – 22 kHz
Cut-off frequency (-6dB): 44 Hz
Peak SPL 1-meter (Pair, IEC Short Term): 118 dB peak
Peak SPL 1-meter (IEC Short Term): 112 dB peak
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 90 dB

For more information on the new “Philharmonia Mini” speakers, please contact Amadeus:, or visit:

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BENCHMARK Introduces LA4 Reference Line Amplifier — Rooms 1000 & 8007, Summit Tower & CANJAM 32

Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. will be introducing their new LA 4 Line Amplifier. It offers relay-controlled volume- the ultimate solution for analog audio. With a goal to produce an analog volume control with the highest achievable transparency, the LA 4 utilizes a pair of 256-step relay-controlled attenuators to achieve a SNR of 135dB! The volume controls feature high-precision metal film resistors, gold contact relays, and fully buffered inputs and outputs. A new benchmark!

Hear Benchmark’s latest at Rooms 1000, 8007 and CanJam 32. Register for the DAC3 B give-away in Room 1000 and CanJam 32.

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