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Clear Tune Monitors announces the new Vintage Series

ORLANDO, July 14, 2016. Clear Tune Monitors is proud to announce its long awaited
universal fit line of in-ear monitors dubbed the Vintage Series. Being a musician driven
company, with the love for vintage that it implies, it was only a matter of time before their
passion and their best talent found each other on the road leading to the most exciting idea
they’ve worked on. With vintage looks and modern sound, their promise is simple: The Soul
of the past with the Sound of the future.

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And the Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards (RIHPA) winners are . . .

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the inaugural the Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards (RIHPA)!

A big, big thank you to all the RIHPA2015 participating publications which can be found at

And the RIHPA2015 winners are:

1) CATEGORY: CD-Player
➢ Company: Aesthetix
➢ Product: Romulus Signature

2) CATEGORY: D/A Converter
➢ Company: PS Audio
➢ Product: DirectStream

3) CATEGORY: Music Servers and Computer Based Audio
➢ Company: AURALiC
➢ Product: ARIES

4) CATEGORY: Mobile Player
➢ Company: PonoMusic
➢ Product: PonoPlayer

5) CATEGORY: Turntable
➢ Company: VPI Industries
➢ Product: Classic Signature

6) CATEGORY: Pickup Cartridge
➢ Company: Lyra
➢ Product: Etna

7) CATEGORY: Tonearm
➢ Company: VPI Industries
➢ Product: JMW-3D

8) CATEGORY: Phonostage
➢ Company: Rogers High Fidelity
➢ Product: PA-1A

9) CATEGORY: Integrated Amplifier
➢ Company: Devialet
➢ Product: Expert 200

10) CATEGORY: Preamplifier
➢ Company: Audio Research
➢ Product: Reference 10

11) CATEGORY: Stereo Power Amplifier
➢ Company: PS Audio
➢ Product: BHK Signature 250

12) CATEGORY: Mono Power Amplifier
➢ Company: Ayre Acoustics
➢ Product: MX-R Twenty

13) CATEGORY: Bookshelf Speakers
➢ Company: KEF
➢ Product: LS50

14) CATEGORY: Floor Standing Speakers
➢ Company: KEF
➢ Product: BLADE TWO

15) CATEGORY: Headphones
➢ Company: HIFIMAN
➢ Product: HE1000

16) CATEGORY: Headphone Amplification
➢ Company: MOON by Simaudio
➢ Product: Neo 430HA

17) CATEGORY: Power Cable
➢ Company: AudioQuest
➢ Product: NRG WEL Signature

18) CATEGORY: Signal Cable Analogue
➢ Company: Nordost
➢ Product: Valhalla 2

19) CATEGORY: Signal Cable Digital
➢ Company: Atlas
➢ Product: Mavros Ultra SP-DIF

20) CATEGORY: Power Conditioner
➢ Company: IsoTek
➢ Product: EVO3 Aquarius

21) CATEGORY: Racks, Platforms & Supports
➢ Company: Harmonic Resolution Systems
➢ Product: RXR Audio Stand

22) CATEGORY: Best Audiophile Recording – Digital
➢ Company: Chesky Records
➢ Product: David Chesky & Jazz in the New Harmonic – Primal Scream

23) CATEGORY: Best Audiophile Recording – Analogue
➢ Company: Analogue Productions
➢ Product: Roger Waters – Amused to Death

24) CATEGORY: Innovation
➢ Company: Master Quality Authenticated
➢ Product: MQA

25) CATEGORY: Value for Money
➢ Company: AudioQuest
➢ Product: JitterBug

26) CATEGORY: Life Time Achievement
➢ Company: Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH
➢ Person: Dieter Burmester

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