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And the Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards (RIHPA) winners are . . .

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the inaugural the Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards (RIHPA)!

A big, big thank you to all the RIHPA2015 participating publications which can be found at

And the RIHPA2015 winners are:

1) CATEGORY: CD-Player
➢ Company: Aesthetix
➢ Product: Romulus Signature

2) CATEGORY: D/A Converter
➢ Company: PS Audio
➢ Product: DirectStream

3) CATEGORY: Music Servers and Computer Based Audio
➢ Company: AURALiC
➢ Product: ARIES

4) CATEGORY: Mobile Player
➢ Company: PonoMusic
➢ Product: PonoPlayer

5) CATEGORY: Turntable
➢ Company: VPI Industries
➢ Product: Classic Signature

6) CATEGORY: Pickup Cartridge
➢ Company: Lyra
➢ Product: Etna

7) CATEGORY: Tonearm
➢ Company: VPI Industries
➢ Product: JMW-3D

8) CATEGORY: Phonostage
➢ Company: Rogers High Fidelity
➢ Product: PA-1A

9) CATEGORY: Integrated Amplifier
➢ Company: Devialet
➢ Product: Expert 200

10) CATEGORY: Preamplifier
➢ Company: Audio Research
➢ Product: Reference 10

11) CATEGORY: Stereo Power Amplifier
➢ Company: PS Audio
➢ Product: BHK Signature 250

12) CATEGORY: Mono Power Amplifier
➢ Company: Ayre Acoustics
➢ Product: MX-R Twenty

13) CATEGORY: Bookshelf Speakers
➢ Company: KEF
➢ Product: LS50

14) CATEGORY: Floor Standing Speakers
➢ Company: KEF
➢ Product: BLADE TWO

15) CATEGORY: Headphones
➢ Company: HIFIMAN
➢ Product: HE1000

16) CATEGORY: Headphone Amplification
➢ Company: MOON by Simaudio
➢ Product: Neo 430HA

17) CATEGORY: Power Cable
➢ Company: AudioQuest
➢ Product: NRG WEL Signature

18) CATEGORY: Signal Cable Analogue
➢ Company: Nordost
➢ Product: Valhalla 2

19) CATEGORY: Signal Cable Digital
➢ Company: Atlas
➢ Product: Mavros Ultra SP-DIF

20) CATEGORY: Power Conditioner
➢ Company: IsoTek
➢ Product: EVO3 Aquarius

21) CATEGORY: Racks, Platforms & Supports
➢ Company: Harmonic Resolution Systems
➢ Product: RXR Audio Stand

22) CATEGORY: Best Audiophile Recording – Digital
➢ Company: Chesky Records
➢ Product: David Chesky & Jazz in the New Harmonic – Primal Scream

23) CATEGORY: Best Audiophile Recording – Analogue
➢ Company: Analogue Productions
➢ Product: Roger Waters – Amused to Death

24) CATEGORY: Innovation
➢ Company: Master Quality Authenticated
➢ Product: MQA

25) CATEGORY: Value for Money
➢ Company: AudioQuest
➢ Product: JitterBug

26) CATEGORY: Life Time Achievement
➢ Company: Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH
➢ Person: Dieter Burmester

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Resolution Acoustics show specials — Tower 2024

The show specials are:

50% off for a package price of the demo diffusers. There is a 5-panel array front and a 4-panel rear array. These diffusers are as is with some cosmetic issues.

25% off for either the front or rear demo towers.

20% off all orders deposited at the show.

10% off all orders deposited no later than October 30th.

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Friday Seminar revised time for: Affordability — How Low Can You Go?

Seminar starts at 1:45 p.m. and ends at 3:45 p.m.

Click here for revised Seminar schedule.

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Friday Seminar revised time for: Michael Fremer’s Internationally Renowned Turntable Set-up Seminar

Seminar starts at 12:30 and ends at 1:30 p.m.

Click here for revised Seminar schedule.

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Audio Envy at RMAF for the first time — Evergreen (Marketplace)

Audio Envy cables is a fresh face to this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Festival. For the last eight years we have experimented with 250+ cable prototypes. We wanted to be sure, really, really sure of our offering.

Introducing our best work, the -Studio Prestige. Measuring a capacitance of 3.5pF per foot! A dielectric constant at 1.3! A VOP of 88% the speed of light. This cable is fast! From an electrical engineering perspective, these measurements are superior to anything else we have witnessed, or read about.

We hope you can welcome us into your audio world. Please join us for live A/B audio tests in the Evergreen ballroom.

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PureAudioProject USA proudly introduces — Tower 1017

October 1, 2015 – Room 1017 – PureAudioProject proudly introduce two new models, the TRIO15 LM755a and the TRIO10 Mundorf AMT. Based on our exclusive Modular Open Baffle Architecture, the LM755a integrates Line Magnetic’s uncompromising reproduction of the classic Western Electric 755 with our new A15 Neodymium woofers to deliver a captivating sonic experience. Our newest TRIO10 was optimized with direct input from Mundorf’s chief AMT designer, to render a unique ‘time/phase aligned’ open baffle design which focuses on depth, clarity and transparency.

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Source Systems Ltd. presents — Atrium 445

· The new D1 Audiophile Network Music player from Lumin Music/Pixel Magic Systems Ltd. (Streamer/renderer/DAC), and the Lumin flagship audio player model S1-B.

· From Digibit of Spain the full size Aria music server and the Aria mini music server (Both SSD and HDD available). From their own CD “rippers,” each model can auto populate up to 18 fields of metadata automatically! Aria is a one stop solution as a streamer/renderer/server/ripper/tagger and there is no PC required!

· New EVO line from M2Tech of Italy including EVO2, EVOCLock2 and EVOSupply2, and the Van der Graaf, an ultra-low noise external power supply that can be programmed sequentially for up to 4 different devices. Also from M2Tech, the new Joplin MKII A/D converter and the Marley Class A headphone amp.

· Apertura Loudspeakers of France, the Edena and Armonia towers representing the finest in loudspeaker production based on the designs of Christian Yvon.

· From Sbooster of the Netherlands, external low noise linear power supply upgrades for a very wide range of products including the Young DSD from M2Tech, the Lumin D1 and the Lumin L1 media library. Sbooster is compatible with most brands of DACs, headphone amps, small phono stage, etc.

· Viero wire and cable from Italy

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PS Audio Premiere and Show Special — Tower 1107

Show special:

PS Audio will be giving away one Sprout integrated amplifier (MSRP $499) each day of the show.
Register to win at the Sprout table in the lobby, across from show registration. You
need not be present to win. Special show pricing on Sprout will also be in effect during RMAF!


In room 1107, PS Audio will have the first active demos of the BHK Signature Preamplifier. The Preamplifier is designed by audio legend Bascom King, as were the BHK Signature 250 and 300 Power Amplifiers, launched earlier this year. Like the amps, the Preamplifier is a hybrid design, with a tube front end and MOSFET output stage.

The preamplifier is a full function line stage, featuring five single ended and balanced inputs,a discrete Class-A MOSFET headphone amplifier, all classic through-hole construction, PRP resistors, assignable home theater bypass, and a fully balanced design. Based on a pair of zero feedback 12AU7 current sourced vacuum tubes feeding a class A MOSFET output stage,the BHK Preamplifier enjoys extreme linearity with a rich and open sound.

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ModWright Instruments: New Products and Show Demo Pricing! — Tower 8002, Iris Room & Atrium 422

25% off all mod orders taken at the show! Ask about other Show Specials!
Please check out our new 845 DS 32W SET Mono Block Amplifier World Debut, in room 8002.
Concept Design Ambrose EL34 SE 10W stereo amp will be in the Iris Room.
After hours in the Iris Room, please audition our new tube headphone amp prototype!

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Westone Laboratories Announce Revolutionary Demonstration at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015 — Atrium 404, CanJam

Colorado Springs, CO. Sept. 28, 2015

Westone Laboratories and GamuT A/S have teamed up to provide a thought-provoking demonstration of how high quality, multi-driver, noise isolating earphones can complement the traditional high fidelity two-channel experience.

Westone and GamuT would like to share the advantages of both in-ear and two channel systems by providing a direct comparison at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Attendees will first hear tracks through the Gamut RS-5 Speakers, CD3 CD Player, D3i Pre-amp, and M250i Mono Blocks. Immediately following, they will hear the exact same tracks through the Westone W60 and Astell&Kern AK380.

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