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Cambridge Audio showcase new Yoyo Bluetooth Speaker Range – Bluetooth speakers designed by Hi-Fi Engineers — Room 8002

Cambridge Audio’s bespoke showcase is in hotel room 8002 where they will be displaying their 851 and CX series of hi-fi as well as their brand new product range Yoyo – a range of Bluetooth Speakers Designed by Hi-Fi Engineers.

The Yoyo range is comprised of three different models: (S), (M) & (L) all of which have been designed Sound First. From high performance, low distortion amplifiers to high quality driver units, every component has been specifically selected by their Hi-Fi engineers to deliver the best possible performance from digital music.

Head to their room to be taken through the range in person. Alternatively, drop in to grab a beer and chat hi-fi as they’ll have a load of different craft beers for people to enjoy with their Great British Sound.

For more information go to:

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New Spendor D9 to make US Debut at Rocky Mountain AudioFest — Room 6018

Bluebird Music and Fort Collins Audio present Spendor at Denver’s RMAF Room 6018, October 7-9, 2016.
Introducing the New D9
The new Spendor D9 is the latest addition to Spendor’s high-end D Line loudspeakers. More than just a bigger D7, the D9 is an elegant, modern, 3-way loudspeaker which delivers music with exceptional resolution and a vibrant realism with any genre. It’s easy to drive and highly efficient.
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Introducing PS Audio’s New DirectStream Memory Player! — Rooms 1023, 1107, LOBBY

For Immediate Release
Contact: Bill Leebens, Director of Marketing
(941) 807-7880

Next-gen transport plays SACDs, outputs DSD, and transforms the performance of standard Red Book CDs

Boulder, CO: 9/29/16: PS Audio is proud to announce the World Premiere of the new DirectStream Memory Player in Suite 1107 at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest,October 7-9, 2016.

PS Audio’s best-selling PerfectWave Memory Player transport has been the ultimate optical disc transport since its release in 2009, and continues to gather awards year after year. The new DirectStream Memory Player takes all that was great about the Memory Player, adds all that PS has learned about signal processing from our DirectStream and DSJ DACs, and applies it to a unit with a new, bulletproof transport, a USB-stick input, and the ability to play SACDs and output raw DSD to our own DACs.

At the heart of the DMP is a refinement of the Digital Lens, invented by CEO Paul McGowan and Chief Engineer Bob Stadtherr in 1993. Digital Lens ensures that bits emerge in a perfectly-timed stream, unaffected by the electrical or mechanical properties of the transport. After eight years of research and two years of development, PS engineering has been able to decrease the considerable memory requirements of Memory Player and improve the timing of digital audio data. The new Lens takes advantage of advances in semiconductor architecture found inFPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays, as used in both DirectStream and DSJ). Using a single large scale integrated FPGA, Bob Stadtherr devised a segmented structure including intelligent RAM, two-way isolated communication with the drive, and near-field output latches controlled by an ultra-low-jitter fixed clock.

In the 17 years since Sony and Philips introduced SACD in 1999, the magic of its DSD layer has been held captive by encryption. DMP sends raw DSD to our DirectStream and DSJ DACs via a secure I2S connection. For the first time, listeners can hear DSD freed of the constraints of inferior built-in DACs, and the resultant sound quality is stunning.

For most of us with decades’ worth of CDs, numbering in the hundreds if not thousands, the incredible improvement in CD playback is the big news with DMP. Users of the DirectStream DAC already know that its reduction of jitter and immaculate timing allow them to hear CDs better than would’ve been thought possible in times past. Hi-res files and sources sound as good as one would expect, but the gap between hi-res and CD has been dramatically reduced. The combination of the DirectStream Memory Player and DirectStream DAC will provide world-beating performance at a rational price.

The all-PS electronics in Suite 1107 will consist of the DirectStream Memory Playerplayed through a DirectStream DAC into the BHK Signature preamp and a pair of BHK Signature 300 mono amps. Clean AC will be provided by P10 Power Plant power regenerators. Loudspeakers will be the amazing Scaena La Maitresse Ultimes. As always, cabling will be provided by Colorado company MG Audio. The PS Audio components in the demo system have received dozens of awards from the worldwide press, and similar accolades are expected for the DirectStream Memory Player following its release in December, 2016. Preorders will be accepted beginning in November, 2016. US MSRP is $5999; international pricing may vary.

PS Audio Founder and CEO Paul McGowan will be present in the room all during the show, as will be DirectStream designer Ted Smith. Both will be happy to answer questions or to discuss their designs.

The 13th annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest will take place Friday, October 7 through Sunday, October 9 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. Hours: Friday, 12-7 PM; Saturday, 9 AM-6 PM; Sunday, 9 AM-4 PM. Press hours precede Friday’s public opening.

We invite all attending to join us in Suite 1107 immediately after show hours Friday at7 PM for a brief memorial for Stereophile reviewer Wes Phillips, who passed away recently. Wes’ longtime friend and Editor John Atkinson will speak. Drinks and light refreshments will be served. 

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Legacy Audio to Introduce NEW Calibre Monitor at RMAF 2016 — Evergreen Ballroom

Join Legacy in Evergreen Ballroom A at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest to hear the new Calibre monitor, a high resolution speaker that raises the performance bar for what a compact speaker can do. Calibre is designed to meet and exceed the stringent high performance standards of recording studio professionals and bring a new level of resolution to audiophiles in a compact design.

Legacy Chief Engineer, Bill Dudleston, on the development of the latest Legacy Audio offering:

“I had but one thing in mind with Calibre– to build the highest resolution compact speaker available anywhere. Merely three inches taller than our Studio HD, it uses our high power handling 4” AMT ribbon, a precision 7.5” custom midrange/midbass built in Florence, Italy and the best 8” bass driver available with a full inch of displacement capability. Offering extreme dynamics and wide bandwidth, the clarity is the best I’ve ever heard in a compact design. While efficient, it is designed to sail along with 500 watt peak inputs. Legacy has always been known for our huge soundstage- but this time it’s coming from a small box.”

Calibre is a very high density package, weighing in at 50 lbs each. This mass is owing to the enormous drive motors and a 1.75” thick front baffle. Two 8” mass loaded acoustic radiators are mounted on opposing sides to eliminate port noise and cancel resonance.

Calibre is currently available for order and will begin shipping November 2016. It is available in a wide variety of décor friendly wood veneer finishes and includes a premium Black Pearl front baffle. For a full list of Legacy dealers and international distributors, please visit:

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EVOKE Loudspeakers and Linear Tube Audio Pair Up @ RMAF — 6015

Beverly Hills, California, September 27, 2016

Evoke™ Loudspeakers will be showing “Eddie™” at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver Colorado on October 7 – 9. Eddie will be performing in Room 6015 driven by the award winning Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 amplifier with Audience cables and power conditioners.

According to John Casler, charged with distribution and marketing for EVOKE, “After 2 years of development we’re bringing a product to market that only VMPS could have conceived before.” He added: “It exceeded my expectations and a select group of ex-VMPS owners when we compared it to the much larger award-winning RM40.”

The center-piece of “Eddie” is the StratF1™ planar midrange driver. Evoke searched globally to find a partner to create a custom midrange worthy of the audiophile market. It has extraordinary headroom delivering effortless performance.

While the StratF1 extends well past 20 KHz in response, it crosses over to a TrueFlat™ ribbon tweeter to utilize the ideal bandwidth and dispersion characteristics of both drivers.


Mark Summers


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Chesky Records will be giving away one CD per hour and one LP per day — Marketplace

‘Chesky Records will be giving away one CD per hour and one LP per day (from 12-6p) throughout the course of the show. So, stop by our table, sign up for our newsletter, and be eligible to win a prize.”

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Veracity Audio introduces Chrysalis valve DAC — Room 6015

Veracity Audio designs and hand builds for remarkable music reproduction. This
artisan company unveil their new Dac, Chrysalis, at the RMAF.  Built to order in
the heart of England by its designer, Gregor Szymczyk, the Chrysalis Dac  is all
about revealing the veracity in your music; ‘bringing music to your heart’
The Chrysalis Dac took a year of focussed work before the desired sound was
achieved and accepted by the maker. Attention to detail and beauty manifests in
the design too,  inside and out. Natural wooden fronts are each hand crafted  in
bubinga, mahogany, cherry and a selection of rare woods. The walnut front on the
Chrysalis at RMAF is from a collection saved by a local artisan over the years.
Almost every technical detail of the build is generously shared on
Come to Room 6015 if you want to hear the truth in your music and be
bewitched, energized, transported by the sound, whatever the genre.

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Esoteric unveils its new network audio player, the N-05, at the RMAF — Room 6008

Esoteric will unveil its new network audio player, the N-05, at the RMAF (MSRP: $6,500).  The N-05 is the first streaming component that Esoteric (a brand rather famous for its stunning SACD transport mechanism and disc players) has ever produced.   Access any music you like and play it back with the finest in sound quality; all without moving from the comfort of your favorite listening position.  The N-05 makes this luxurious dream a reality. The N-05 supports various file formats including DSD 2.8/5.6MHz (streaming mode), and DSD 11.2MHz (USB DAC mode)

Esoteric is a high end audio manufacturer established in 1987.  Based in Tokyo, all products, ranging from network audio players to SACD players, DACs, amplifiers and clocking devices, are hand built in our factory to exacting standards. Cutting edge technologies, engineering excellence, state-of-the-art Japanese craftsmanship and a passion for innovation, all coming together to unveil new dimensions in musical experience.   For more information, please visit


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NAGRA announces US premiere of the new Classic Preamp — Room 1030

NAGRA will be exhibiting at the Denver Marriot tech center. We are pleased to invite you to visit us in the room 1030.

OCTOBER 7th – OCTOBER 9th, 2016 Denver Colorado

US premiere, we are launching the new classic preamp. we will feature a full nagra classic system paired with Kronos Pro turntable, Avalon acoustics Indra speakers and themodulum races.

Audio Technologies Switzerland

Following the success of the legendary PL-P, PL-L and more recently the JAZZ, Nagra is pleased to introduce the new tube CLASSIC PREAMP.

The new vacuum tube ClassicPreamp is a major rework from the JAZZ. It fits in longer casing of the HD DAC, has a built-in mains power supply, as well as a Lemo input. It is packed with high quality components, like custom-made condensers and a high quality headphone amp. The expertise we have acquired while developing the analog section and power supply of the HDdac is the heritage of that new preamplifier.

U.S. MSRP: $16,995

The ClassicPreamp will begin shipping mid-oct, 2016.

Rene Laflamme, Sales & Marketing Manager USA, Canada Tél: 1-800-813-1663

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HoloAudio of China comes to the USA to debut: the Spring Dac and the Level 3 Kitsune Tuned Edition DAC — CanJam

HoloAudio of China has grown with popularity and now will be offering their products in the USA. is official and will be at RMAF this year debuting their newest DAC, and the Level 3 KitsuneTuned Edition.
Stop by the Canjam Headamp booth to see HoloAudioUSA and KitsuneHiFi
Our new product launch:
HoloAudio comes to the USA to debut their newest product, the Spring Dac. This DAC is the first discrete r2r DAC with linear compensation that we know of. Also this DAC discretely processes up to DSD512 native (not conversion). There will be three models available in the USA market. Level 1 will be the base model. Level 2 aka “Rise Ji” is upgraded with Jensen Caps. The most anticipated model is the Level 3 which is known as the Kitsune Tuned Edition. This DAC was carefully implemented with some of the finest components.
The following is added to Level 3:
1. 100VAC O-type (NOT toroid) 99.99% Silver custom hand made audio transformer.
2. All copper wire is replaced with 1.5mm pure occ silver wire
3. Input film cap is replaced with a Mundorf Silver/Oil cap
4. All PCB plugs and wire plugs are removed and then wire is soldered direct to the PCB
5. Replaced IEC inlet connectors with Oyaide pure silver/rhodium plated connectors at the IEC inlet
6. Fuse is upgraded to Audio Horizon Platinum Reference (AHPR).
7. Jensen Caps (same as level 2)
8. Special Kitsune Tuned Edition branding inside and out
9. KitsuneHiFi VIP service, english support and manuals/software is the official distributor for HoloAudioUSA. is going to be up and running for tech support, driver updates and general information.  KitsuneHiFi will officially launch the product line towards the end of October.
Please visit this link for more information!  Don’t forget to stop by the Canjam Headamp booth, where we will be located!
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