Lampizator Announces Flagship DAC and offer 10% of All Products at RMAF — Room 5030, Summit Tower

The Pacific DAC has been designed from ground up with one goal in mind – to create the DAC that supercedes everything we have ever heard and does in “the Lampizator way.”
Every part of The Pacific DAC is completely new, even if rooted deeply in previous designs. Namely the four main pillars of the construction are: digital conversion section, power supply section, tube output section and control / management / volume section. And that all is dressed in an unique chassis of pure polished brass. The resulting dac is totally new, totally gorgeous and unmistakenly Lampizator. Love it or loathe it but you can’t ignore it.
We didn’t stop designing and testing untill each and  every one of the four pillars proved itself to contribute audibly and undeniably to the improvement of the overall sound. Summing up the four improvements resulted in a quality jump worthy of the new product, new flagship, and a big bang debut. That’s how the Pacific was born.
Is it too big ? Too shiny ? over the top ? Well, de gustibus non est disputandum, but to make the DAC as good as we made it we needed more space inside, to host all the goodies – uncompromised transformers, chokes, capacitors and tubes. And anything new that comes around in next years to come. Too shiny ? c’mon, the modest days are over now. The shy and modest flagships are contradicting terms. The very last thing the world needs today is another modest gray aluminum box.
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