JWM Acoustics Unveils the All New ALYSON AML II Stand Mount Monitor — Al Stiefel Legacy Room, Rm. 2018, Summit Tower

JWM Acoustics unveils the all new ALYSON AML II stand mount monitor in Al Stiefel Legacy Room. 
JWM Acoustics is proud to announce the first showing of the all new ALYSON AML II. After 5 years on the market, the ALYSON speaker system was completely revamped with new crossover designs and driver compliment. As always, JWM Acoustics features hand built cabinets made with 100% sustainable materials and exotic hardwoods. Joining in the fun will be the all new KAREN 12 hand built turntable. Please join the JWM Acoustics family for this exciting event in Tower Rm. 2018
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