Jerry Harvey Announces Products and Show Special — CanJam 20

Lola™ Hybrid Custom and Performance Series Universal IEM

Lola™ Hybrid IEMs are a balance of power, detail, and warmth. Quick in its bass response, extraordinary in its detail, extension out to 20kHz with a natural, silky, airy gorgeous midrange courtesy of our D.O.M.E™ technology, Lola™ has an extraordinary analog sound stage that complements string instruments, as well as vocals, and makes a ‘58 Les Paul through a Marshall 4×12 cabinet sound kick ass!

Lola™ Hybrid IEMs feature Dual Low and Quad High Balanced Armatures and Dual Dynamic 4.9mm Drivers that utilize patent pending D.O.M.E™ Midrange Enclosure Technology. This tuned enclosure (D.O.M.E™) is custom 3D printed in our lab and holds two 4.9 dynamic drivers that oppose each another, giving Lola a 9.8mm effective midrange driver in a small package.

Signature Designs

Jerry Harvey has led the IEM industry in audio design and innovation for over 20 years. Today, Jerry’s passion for exotic materials and beautiful design has inspired our Artists to develop our new Signature Designs art options for your next Custom IEM. These stunning and unique designs use special materials and striking color combinations that make every JH model even more special. Choose from materials like Copper, Abalone, or breathtaking Bocote wood, all fully designed to stand out from the crowd. All of our Signature Design options will be on display at our booth in the CanJam room!

RMAF Show Specials

All weekend long enjoy 15% off* your custom IEM order and 10% off Performance Series Universal IEMs! Plus, enter for a chance to win a set of Lola™ Hybrid Performance Series Universal IEMs**!

*Restrictions apply. **Winner need not be present to win. Winner will be notified via email.

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