High Fidelity Services New Product Launches — Room 535, Front Range

Analogueworks Turntables to present the RMAF debut the latest TT One-Twelve Turntable in Atrium Suite 535.

High Fidelity Services will be featuring Analogueworks’ Model “TT One-Twelve”, a sub-$4500 turntable including a twelve inch tone arm and separate power supply. There may be no better value in turntables today. The full lineup of Analogueworks’ turntables will also be on hand and on full display. Analogueworks products are designed and hand built in Northhamptonshire, England.

Audia Flight’s new, long awaited mid-level FLS Series amplifiers will be making their North America Debut at RMAF this year in Atrium Suite 535

THEY’RE FINALLY HERE! Derived from the widely acclaimed Audia Flight Strumento Series, these solid state amplifiers may be the best value in reference level Solid State Electronics. See and hear the new FLS10 integrated amplifier ($11,295). Also on hand will be the new FLS1 preamplifier ($6,895), and FLS4 amplifier ($8,995) separates. Presented by High Fidelity Services.

Hannl Vinyl Care will be presenting their latest record cleaning machines in Atrium Suite 535

DO YOU LOVE YOUR VINYL? Hannl Record Cleaning machines have been handcrafted in Germany for twenty plus years. Widely acclaimed as the finest performing, most beautiful machines available, Hannl has raised the bar again with the quietest semi-automatic, archive grade machines on the market. Come see them all. Presented by High Fidelity Services.

Neat Acoustics will be presenting their latest “TOP SECRET” loudspeaker. A world premier debut in Atrium Suite 535

TOP SECRET WORLD PREMIER!!! Fresh on the heels of last year’s smash hit Iota ALPHAS, visit us to see and hear the next step in the evolution of IOTA! Neat has done it again and High Fidelity Services is pleased to present these wonders for the first time in the world. Come visit to also see over nine pairs of Neat Acoustics various loudspeakers representing only a portion of the Neat lineup.

Signal Projects Cables will be “connecting the music” in the Primrose Room and Atrium Suite 535 systems this year.

A High Fidelity Services (HFS) EXCLUSIVE! Perhaps the best sounding and most comprehensive range of cables offered in audio today. Science, engineering, and quality ranging from a few hundred dollars to the “sublime”. Nine complete series or cables ensure that there is a high value solution for everyone. Be sure to stop by the Primrose to possibly hear one of the best systems that you will ever hear! We couldn’t do it without Signal Projects.

Verity Audio and High Fidelity Services are presenting the official North American debut of Verity’s new solid state electronics and new Otello loudspeaker in the Primrose Room.

Verity Audio manufactures amplifiers? Well they do now! Stop by the Primrose room to see and hear the Verity’s new solid state amplifiers on the grand “Lohengrin” Loudspeakers ($133,000) with TW Acustic analogue front end. Verity’s electronics are expertly designed and manufactured in house in Quebec City, Canada. The brand new Otello Loudspeakers ($17,000) will also be on hand along with Verity’s ultra-affordable Finns ($7,000).

Vibex Power Distribution & Isolation latest products’ will be cleaning up remarkable systems in both Atrium Suite 535 and the Primrose Room

See, hear, and learn about the next level in power conditioning! Would you buy a power conditioner that didn’t limit power, alter your system’s tonality, or slow your sound? … A product that dropped your noise floor, saved space, and never wears out or fails? WE’RE BANKING ON IT! High Fidelity Services invites you to see and hear the best sounding and best value conditioners on the market.

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