Hegel Releases H190, an amp with strength and authority —

“Khan” was the project name for what we now know as the Hegel H190. To us, “Khan” signaled strength and authority, exactly the qualities we felt the H190 would need, compared to our previous releases.

We are launching a brand new streaming platform for the H190 which we believe will sound better, and add versatility. Further, the DA-Converter in the H190 is significantly upgraded, compared to the Röst.

Display, preamp and headphone output is very similar to the Röst, but the power amplifier stage is quite different. At twice the size of the one in the Röst, it can deliver over 50% more current than the H160. Meaning, I can sit and enjoy my H190 with a pair of KEF Blade 2 without thinking about a lack of power. Another large upgrade in sound was a complete redesign of the implementation of the pre driver transistors in the output stage. The result was an even smoother, elegant and yet detailed top end – as well as a very well defined and dynamic bass response. Both traits we think you will recognize quickly when you lend your ear to the H190.

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