GRAND PRIX AUDIO Product Launch: New APEX XL Footer and APEX Mini Coupler — Room 2024, Summit Tower

For years, Grand Prix Audio’s APEX footers have set the benchmark when it comes to component support. Challengers have come and challengers have gone, but still the APEX sets the performance standard that others strive to match. As the industry and customers have started to realize the crucial musical implications of effective mechanical grounding and equipment support, interest and competition has increased, but the APEX still reigns supreme – until now.

Go Large…

The new APEX XL employs the same proven structure, materials and interface elements as the original APEX, but increasing the diameter and height of the cone more than doubles the internal volume of the proprietary polymer core, increasing its energy dissipation capabilities. The same hardened steel or ceramic interface ball is supported in a precision moulded cup that ensures rigid coupling and superior energy transfer, while the increase in internal surface area of the carbon composite structural cone further improves energy transfer. Supremely efficient when it comes to sinking internally generated vibrational energy, the decoupled baseplate is equally effective as a barrier against external mechanical interference. In this case, bigger is simply better. Perhaps the ultimate example of K.I.S.S-thinking the APEX XL is compatible with the same stainless-steel levelers as the APEX (available in six different thread sizes) making it an incredibly cost effective upgrade not just for Grand Prix Audio racks, but for the spikes used beneath all other racks or speakers, or as a straight swap for existing APEX footers, beneath racks, speakers or individual components. 

The APEX Mini

One practical issue with equipment couplers is that they increase the height of components – and sometimes that height just isn’t there. When space in your rack is tight but you still want APEX performance, or your equipment has small feet and you don’t want it looking like it’s perched on stilts, the APEX Mini is the answer. A scaled version of the APEX, it is 0.225”/5.7mm lower, which might not seem like much, but can make all the difference. A dedicated component coupler rather than for use beneath racks or speakers the APEX Mini is not compatible with the APEX levelers. It is however, the only way to achieve APEX performance in a more compact package.

Proven materials: a proven approach: proven performance benefits


APEX Mini            – $1,000 set of 3

– $1,300 set of 4

APEX                      – $1,200 set of 3

– $1,600 set of 4

APEX XL               – $1,500 set of 3

– $2,000 set of 4


APEX Mini           – 2” diameter x 1.175 tall w/ball

APEX                    – 2.5” diameter x 1.4”

APEX XL              – 4” diameter x 1.875”

Leveler Sizes

Available Sizes – 3/8-16”, 1/4-20”, 5/16-18”, M8/1.25, M10/1.5 and M12/1.5

About Us  

Grand Prix Audio was borne out of a singular quest to achieve the highest quality reproduction of recorded music.

As in our racing past – where the best design and engineering made the difference between winning and losing – at Grand Prix Audio we apply that same drive and obsessive attention to detail to achieve unmatched performance from all our products.

Each and every product we create delivers:

Real Performance – performance that matters

Measurable benefits which are musically significant.

Smart Engineering – not over engineering

Less is always more: The right materials, the right technology and the optimum approach, combined in elegant, serviceable products that deliver ultimate performance.

Consistency, Value, and Longevity – not obsolescence

Products built to exacting quality standards from engineering materials designed to be upgradeable so that your investment and your product stand the test of time.

At Grand Prix Audio we constantly strive for the most compelling, communicative and convincing musical performance. That’s no idle claim. From equipment racks and supports that measurably lower system noise floor to turntables with the best ever speed stability, we are consistently and audibly advancing the state-of-the-art – and that art is music.

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